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As promised, here is another feature of me and Cin City for October (this time in The Star under property). If you ever wondered how my crib looks like, this entry is dedicated specially for you. i am not gonna elaborate much here today, as this is the article you should be reading. In contrary to yesterday’s post, the write-up actually makes me feel good and proud about myself and what i’ve achieved so far. It is also one of the most honest article i’ve read on me; where the writer actually cares to put in some effort to make the story stay as close as possible to what i actually said during the interview.

p/s: pictures below are just random shots from my old camera. to see more picturesque views of my complete suite, click here.


Living Room Deco

Living Room

{living room}




Dining Room

{dining room}



Room 2 Deco

Room 2

{brother’s bedroom}

Bathroom Deco


{master bathroom}



Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom 2

Master Bedroom Deco

{master bedroom}



{home office}



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  1. We used to be neighbors 😛 .. congrax on ur achievements !

    1. u lived here before? 😮

      1. ya.. what a coincidence! will stay there when I go return to M’sia again..

      2. where r u n.o.w.?

  2. Looks great! 😀

    1. glad u liked it! 😀

  3. your house is nice!!!!

  4. I like this post… and you have really very comfy private corner 🙂
    btw do u mind if I wonder how you keep all the cosmetic.. its so clean at ur make up table.. where I got such a full make up table… even 3drawers just aint enough to keep all my stuff… same goes to your study table too…

    I love your way to things clean and simple.. but too bad I just cant make it as… i got too much of books and make up stuffs.. where i need always and hardly to keep it.. thanks for sharing Cindy 🙂

    1. glad u liked it 🙂 well, for cosmetics, 1st i throw alway all the old ones esp mascara! then i buy some boxes with divisions to keep them by types in the drawers. the ones that i use frequently, i put them in a transparent bag (which i kept away from the table for the photoshoot). as for the books, i divide them into categories too! stories, studies, recipes, or magazines; then replace them where they look nicest around the house. IKEA has some really brilliant 2-in-1 reasonably priced furniture pieces i.e a storage sofa. that’s where i chuck in all the books i finished reading. last but not least, you’ll have to enjoy decorating & perhaps.. do it when the “mood” comes. hope this helps! 😉

  5. I think ur TV is too heavy & the TV cabinet seem like going to collapse, be careful!

    1. it’s the camera angle.. XD

    2. ya it’s the lens distortion, at first i thought the tv bent the cabinet too

  6. Omg all look so clean!!!! Ahahahah!

  7. Very comfy…. beautiful place… ^_^

  8. i love how you arrange the photos on the wall! *inspired* hehe

    1. am glad u loved it. it was an idea from a friend actually.. i was skeptical about it at 1st. he he..

  9. beautiful house and cosy feeling..i wish to have one just like yours 🙂

    1. awww.. start decorating! (:

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