Summerset Dreams


To me, one of the simple pleasures in life comes with having the passion of decorating your own personal space with things that you love (no, tidying up your room doesn’t count). After weeks of figuring out the it place to hang these cute light bulbs balls i discovered from a random street market at Bangkok, i’m finally proud to showcase you the new addition to my ‘blogging office’. i love how they cast midnight summer’s dream shadows (that beats wallpapers anytime) and paint some warmth on the cold hard walls. What do you think? 🙂





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  1. gasp!! your desk decoration is darling! xxx
    are you a designer? 😛

  2. i still prefer the last photos.. 😛 …
    btw, if i send you card.. will the card get stick on the wall too ?

  3. Love the grey clr.. Going to get that.. 😉

    Thank you for the link cyn.. 🙂

    1. my pleasure, Cath ^^

  4. I LOVE YOUR PRIVATE SPACEEEE!! SO ‘Romantic’ haha! ^^

  5. Beautiful lights! 🙂

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