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Did you know that Dato’ Michelle Yeoh is the winner of Miss World Malaysia pageant 1983 before she became a Hollywood actress? Most of us only knew her from blockbusters such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Tomorrow Never Dies, but did you know she is also the face of many charity projects?

It all has to start somewhere, and i must say that she started off at the right place yet doesn’t stop just because she achieved fame. Instead, from her Miss World Malaysia fame, she got talent spotted and made her big break in her acting career, and even leveraged on the pageant to reach out to people and make a difference in their lives. She became an influential lady who constantly make effort to help underprivileged people with what she gained from time to time – that’s the kind of spirit we need in our society today.

Well, guess what? The search for Miss World Malaysia 2012 has started and the theme for this year is 21st Century Role Model. Inevitably, MWM 2012 is more than just a beauty pageant as they are searching for a lady who is beautiful for her heart – a role model whom all Malaysians can look up to, just like Dato’ Michelle Yeoh. Pageant participants will be working on a lot of charity work, hence their sincerity can only shine through if they are truly sincere!

i’ve came up with a list of the Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Join MWM 2012.

10. You only live ONCE. Get a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Travel to places you’ve never dreamt of being, meet and learn from beautiful and inspiring ladies from around the globe. I can only think of one avenue you can get these experiences from 😉

9. You get to wear beautiful shoes and dresses!

Havent we girls fawn over the gorgeous evening dresses and shoes on pageants, wishing they were ours?:p

8. You’ll learn how to carry yourself in public (with good posture).

Grooming lessons, etiquette lessons will all be part and parcel of the pageant experience as you will be representative of your country, and girls around will look up to you. Imagine going through that and emerging a better person from your experience.

7. Build and enhance your confidence through challenges.

6. Discover your hidden talents while sharpening new skills i.e. the catwalk.

Sky high stilettos, mounting pressure from being the centre of attention… it is a skill to catwalk. And this is one of the avenues you get professional training and opportunities to work with renowned brands.

5. Become famous, be a superstar! MWM is one of the best platforms to get talent-spotted.

Dato’ Michelle Yeoh, Deborah Henry.. are all excellent examples of the distance the MWM exposure can bring you! Enough said.

4. Act in a movie – winner gets a chance to star in a movie collaboration of Media Trails Sdn Bhd and MM2 Entertainment Sdn Bhd.

3. Inspire others with your charisma, confidence, and charm.

Physical beauty can only bring you so far. That is why MWM are looking for girls who are beautiful INSIDE, charismatic and confident, a lady who will inspire and be a role model to others:)

2. Do Malaysia proud (represent Malaysia for Miss World Pageant).

1. Use your beauty for the most humble reason of all: charity.

You’ll get a huge opportunity to give back to society through MWM as they are more than just a pageant. They constantly hold charity projects to help the underprivileged, which I think is really inspiring as it brings meaning and defines the phrase – ‘beauty with a purpose’.

However, IF after everything you still feel that pageants are not your thing, fret not as you can still be part of the experience. Just recommend a friend whom you think could be the best candidate, for there is a hunt called Friends of Miss World. The prize for it is a whopping RM 10,000 and a special guest Invitation to the Miss World Global Finals! Whether you are a Friend of Miss World or a Miss World Malaysia potential, log on to www.missworldmy.com now as the deadline for registration is 31 March 2012!!!

If i were to take part and win the title, i would definitely make full use of all the opportunities that come by and try to give back to the world when i can. What would you do if you were Miss World?


From the bottom of my heart, i wish you all the best of luck to all you beautiful participants~!


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