Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria!


A delicious ice cream smiling to my face and we are looking so in love eye-to-eye. My heart is pumping with joy and excitement. I’m so gonna bite you. Gripped it with my four front teeth and took a big bite.


A sharp, excruciating sensation travels to my head. Brain freeze! 

Ever experienced the same thing before?


Did you know? 

50% of Malaysians declared that the top triggers of tooth sensitivity are cold and sweet food or drinks.

87% of them are aware of the conditions of sensitive teeth, 27% claimed they have sensitive teeth, yet only one third of sufferers use sensitive toothpaste to treat their condition.

* Insights by Ipsos Study Oral Care Usage and Attitude


The question is, why sacrifice food enjoyment because of tooth sensitivity? I refuse to let the situation take control and affect my quality of life. I learned recently that it is as easy as using a great toothpaste!

When it comes to relieving sensitive teeth, there is only one brand I know and trust, and that is Sensodyne. It has more than 55 years of committed researches and is the toothpaste brand recommended by dentists to relieve sensitive teeth.


Sensodyne offers a range of both specifically formulated toothpastes and toothbrushes that provide lasting protection all day, allowing you to continue to indulge in the foods and beverages that we enjoy the most.


Last week, I attended the ‘Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria’ Chill Festival; an expansion of Sensodyne’s 2014 campaign, where they visited selected Chatime & Teochew Chendul outlets with the aim to address the alarming issue of tooth sensitivity and encourage fellow Malaysians to take control of it.


More Interesting Facts . . .

According to the Ipsos Brand Health Tracker, the study revealed that the ‘Tiada Ngilu, Hidup Ceria’ campaign reminded them of things that they cared about which include spending time with family and friends and enjoying food and drinks without tooth sensitivity while 50% of sensitivity sufferers purchase a sensitive toothpaste after being exposed to the campaign!


This year, Sensodyne is partnering up with Chatime Malaysia, Teochew Chendul and The Potong to visit selected outlets to conduct their product sampling. Follow their food map to find out about the roving team’s whereabouts and join their fun on-ground activities!


You can also take the online Sensodyne Tooth Sensitivity Check here to find out if you have sensitive teeth. Not being able to enjoy our favorite sweet or cold food can be really annoying, so why not start taking control of annoying tooth sensitivity conditions that detriment our lifestyle?


Here’s another great news. Sensodyne is running a contest called ‘Unfreeze The Coolest Drink‘. All you have to do is:

Vote for your preferred Chatime drink via this website, or hashtag #TiadaNgilu in any social media platform to enjoy the most voted drink at 20% off. This ceria offer is limited to the first 2000 voters, so hurry!

P.S. Remember to download your discount voucher from the website by the end of March.
P.P.S. Vouchers are redeemable at all Chatime Malaysia outlets except Chatime Queensbay Mall, Langkawi, and KL Sentral.

Tiada ngilu, hidup ceria!

This is a sponsored post by GSK. Sensodyne is an ambitious brand which aims to enable more Malaysians enjoy the food they love most without tooth sensitivity. Thank you for supporting passionate companies that keep Cin City afloat. 


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