Goya Champuru


Everyone has different priorities when traveling and one of mine, undeniably (and inevitably), is to have a great food hunt. There is so much culture and adventures in food, just like in the museums or mountains you climb. Think about it. We all eat to survive, but how food is prepared in different countries has actually been through an evolution; influenced by the country’s culture and geographical factors today. Aren’t you curious of what exactly do the locals cook to feed themselves everyday?

Tokyo 3

My second night in Tokyo was focused on hunting down the most authentic goya champuru. Not the best, but the one where locals frequent. With the help of our kindest, most-polite-and-helpful-hotel-receptionist-in-the-world (I swear this guy is an epitome of Japan), we got an address in hand.

From Shin-Okubo, we took our journey by foot as there is more to see when one walks rather than taking a cab. We chanced upon this hotel with kaleidoscopic rooms where you can also hire Sailormoons; which gave us a great laugh. Tokyo is such an amusing city that never fails to overwhelm.


I can’t quite tell you exactly where the restaurant is, but you can definitely try keying in Hotel Colorful P&A into Google Maps, then show this picture above to the locals. From here, I’m positive that they could easily guide you there. The secret Okinawa food wonderland is pulsating underground!


As you can see, this place definitely has a life and character of it’s own.


Leaves and fabric decorating the ceilings.


Kampai with iced plum wine <3


Waiting for food to be served is not a wait but a journey for the eyes, as there are so many trinkets to wander about – “How does this thing even get here?


A hearty bowl of ramen is exactly what you need after a long day out.


O’hail sweet, tasty braise!


This goya champuru was sooooo good we ordered TWO servings!


And we kept ordering till the kitchen called it closed.


After dinner, rest for about 20 minutes while absorbing all the remaining quirkiness of this place before leaving. Remember how it’s like to feel grateful at heart to be such a lucky girl / guy!


Then take a leisure after-dinner stroll along the colorful Shinjuku street because as I know, it takes more to feed the eyes than the gut.


Spot weird things like this and capture a picture or two.


Make your way to Golden Gai, a little Japanese ‘Changkat’ of its own; where foreigners and locals blend with Asahi beer or sake in hand. Join them and make it a great night to remember.


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