5 Cinspirations

Here are 5 priceless Cinspirations from the past amusing week that I am incredibly thankful for.

1. This unforgettable diva moment on Thriller Live World Tour’s psychedelic stage


{because not only was it the best musical I’ve watched in 28 years (I’d rate it 5 stars outta 5), I was one of the lucky 50 people who met the amazing, talented crew at a backstage tour to grasp what it feels like to be one for a night. P.S. Please go watch the show before it ends this Tuesday because have my word – it’s too great a show to be missed!}

2. This blooming fresh flower


{as I was absent at work because of this doggy tragedy, I told a co-worker about my dilemma if if I should still buy flowers for the desk, seeing there were only a couple of working days left for me that week. Yvonne surprised me with this beauty, changing the water in between when I got too busy, and with all that love it lasted for two weeks!}

3. These handmade keychains from Luang Prabang


{a Lao beer and a monk makes a wrong combination, but I find these souvenirs bought for the guys most adorable indeed}

4. This Hindu god at an ashram and orphanage I visited last week


{because the beer bottle down there makes it look real cool}

5. This AirAsia snack box


{as a frequent flyer of AirAsia, I’ve purchased many meals and munchies on flights. While the downside of not pre-booking is that the wait can be quite a torture, I enjoy the process of flipping through their glossy menu to choose what I actually feel like at that moment.

After much ‘research’, allow me to speak from experience; provided the prices remain unchanged. I discovered that the combo you see above, is one of the ‘smartest buys’ one can make. This RM10 snack box comes in a party of chunky KitKat bar, a packet of nuts and raisins respectively, together with a packet of chips! (An ala carte snack already costs you around RM6.)

Another tip: If you’re bored of drinking MILO, consider T&CO’s hot chocolate that’s tagged with the same price. You’re welcome 🙂 }


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