5 Cinspirations

Last week had been an incredibly busy one with work, more work, and a gorgeous friend’s visit from Sri Lanka. Nonetheless, I realized that there’s one thing I’d never take for granted regardless the situation – recognizing the 5 things that make my week. 🙂 Here is this week’s installation of 5 Cinspirations; where Tracy and I escaped life’s crazy waves to discover more charming corners from 2 big cities; Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

1. This picture of us lounging in bed


{because we booked our hotel at the very last minute (in fact, just before we left home), yet what turned out made us two happy kids}

2. Meeting Marge in the middle of no where



3. This train ride into the sunset


{rustic rails and tunneling trees make this one of the most romantic rides ever}

4. This mexican meal


{because I’ve always wanted to try this restaurant called Las Carretas, and this chili con carne paired with margarita was exactly what I needed after such a looonggggg crave}

5. These wishing ribbons tree


{for brightening up an otherwise predictable temple visit}


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