5 Cinspirations

This week’s installment of 5 Cinspirations is one of the special editions that don’t come by very often. It records some precious, extraordinary moments during my first visit to Portugal (as one’s fiancé).

1. This picture of us


{because  r e u n i t e d!}

2. É’s boat collection


{because it is definitely more interesting than a boy who collects race cars or robots}

3. This amazing Portuguese seafood lunch


{because I participated in the Gomes kitchen and there’s no meal more hearty; than one where all family members come together and take part in the making}

4. This room of a quaint dollhouse


{because we popped by É’s granny’s place where he used to live, and it is a bewildering experience to visit another person’s nostalgia by watching the flashback play through his eyes}

5. This beach drawing


{because I asked little artistic QQ, “What is it?” and she said, “There’s daddy, then you – your hands grow into a big circle, and inside there’s me, vóvó and vôvô”, which melts my heart indefinitely}


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  1. i definitely miss portugal’s food. aaaahhhhh. wish i was there. xx

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