Five Cinspirations

Here are 5 sensational Cinspirations that made the past week packed with a punch of life.

1. This extremely lovable Lego-inspired 4-in-1 adapter



2. This blackhead cleaner from CNP


{for clearing out my pores from accumulated dirt and dead skin cells throughout my extensive travel period, all while providing the most addictive massage sensation}

3. This blissful shot


{because it marks the beginning of my Medan travel series scheduled for June}

4. This beautiful wild flower (anyone know what it’s called?)


{for I can’t decide if it’s more red or pink, and I haven’t seen this blooming species around since I was a little girl}

5. These mini croissants


{because they pop into your mouth so easily without smudging your lipstick, and are made with just the right amount of butteriness and flakiness}


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