5 Cinspirations

Location: Singapore

Nasi Lemak Burger, New Summer Hair Colour, Drinking Tea Like A Pro, Etc.

5 best cinspirations that made my week awesome:

1. The burger that shook Malaysia without getting there

Nasi Lemak Burger

{because I finally got around sinking my teeth into this marvellous creation and can’t wait to do that again}

2. This thematic garden

Tulips Gardens By The Bay

{because tulips in Asia is just wow}

3. Going a shade darker

Number76 Bangsar

{because new hair for the summer holidays in Portugal starting next week!}

4. This extensive tea drinking experience

Tea Chapter Singapore

{because I finally learned the art of drinking tea from A to Z like a boss pro, ready to preach}

5. A night at Suzie Wong with best friends

Suzie Wong food

{because it was almost like walking through a scene of a movie, like In The Mood For Love}


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