5 Cinspirations

Here are 5 sweet Cinspirations that made my past weekend delightful.

1. These fresh plums


{for tasting like peaches because Big Guy washed, sliced and seeded them for me – the only next person other than my mum who would provide such a loving gesture}

2. This hard-headed kitty


{for having to place her tail right in the middle of my working desk; which tickled my heart and gave me a good laugh}

3. This Thai massage (including its prelude)


{as my nerves scream “PARADISE!” from this moment on until the next 60 minutes – and even a short while after}

4. This Yakitori treat at Torii


{for being The Best yakitori restaurant I’ve been to in Malaysia. It also doubles up as a Whiskey bar and serves swirls of cocktails that make you wanna stay up all night with your girl friends. Don’t even get me started on the foooood!}

5. This sunset


{because for a brief, quiet moment there dejavu made me believe that I was actually in L.A.}


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