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i might be guilty for pulling the ‘fashionably late’ card again on this one, but i figure this sort of post still makes sense before January ends. In the nutshell, 2012 to me was like a roller coaster ride marathon. Probably just like yours, with a healthy mixture of ups and downs. Here i decided to harvest the best of the best of last year for a little trip down memory lane.


i started a new full-time job at W. Like both my previous jobs at the radio station and a company that holds the license for Doraemon, this job came to me when i wasn’t looking. i hope you don’t feel betrayed to know that all this time i am writing, i am also juggling a full-time job; performing express writing at Espressamente, Pavilion during lunch time, or in between sleeping hours from 5 to 7 a.m. The reason why i kept it to be some sort of like a secret was because to me, having a full-time job does not make blogging a part-time job. In my life, it is and will always be a whole standalone world on its own. i decided on taking up the job at W for all the right (and wrong) reasons. As an honest writer, i must admit that in some ways the decision was a shadow of a ruinous breakup with my Spanish ex boyfriend. After losing my job as an unofficial housewife, i didn’t know what to do with my life but to accept the new job offer to keep myself busy. Plus, the office is only a 5 minutes walking distance from his place and that was the only way i could feel closest to him. Coming out from despair, i became delusional. But baby steps, baby. Baby steps.

On the other hand, i had a plan. It started one evening with 2 pieces of A4 paper and a pen laying on my desk like a prostitute. Finding myself half crying, half laughing, i started questioning what the ‘Big Picture’ is after 2 weeks living the 9-6 life with the rest of the world. Throughout the alternate years of blogging, working, quitting, and blogging again, i started to notice a pattern in the trail of where my heart wants to go. The more i fight it, the more betrayed i felt. So i grabbed the lazy blue pen and marked ‘X’ as a starting point on a paper, mapping a journey all the way up till 2013. On another piece of paper, i drew an Excel table and did some maths on the money i need to save per month, headed straight to a bank the very next day, and got myself a separate saving account. From that day onwards, my discipline and strong will sent every single cent of my salary straight into my intangible piggy bank, as i live by the fluctuating earnings from blogging.

i can’t wait to share with you my plans for 2013, but before that:



i went to Bangkok with my best friend and soul mate, Ai Rene. It was supposed to be a trip with my ex boyfriend, but a week before our vacation started, everything ended. Dreaded, i gathered all the courage i had left within that very week to reschedule my flight. Being ‘the planner’ that Ai Rene is, dates were secured in no time. Though apparently, the ghost of my ex secretly booked a flight with us to Bangkok as well. Nonetheless, the trip was vibrant and incredibly marvellous. 😀


Then it was Chinese New Year. Back into the arms of my family and friends back at my tiny secluded hometown, a gathering with my high school mates reminded me of how much i was and am loved. It was everything i needed at that point of time. You may read this post here should you find the picture above confusing.


My first emcee job of the year for a CNY Workshop event featuring feng sui master, Joey Yap.

IN MARCH . . .


i met my sweetheart idol for the very first time – a dream i never thought possible and there i was; small town girl meets Prince Charming, standing side by side and touching shaking his hands. i have a huge crush on LeeHom since i was 12, and those who grew up with me throughout my teenage years would probably story you about what a Homaniac i am (my brother is forced to shout my name out loud if LeeHom is on TV and i would fly down the stairs in no time even if i was in the toilet).

March is also a month about spending quality time with my girl friends, Eri and Ruby. As it is not easy to gather all 3 of us travelovers together, i managed 2 separate trips for each darlings, locally:


Jiggling our bellies madly laughing away at Jonker Street, Malacca with my angel, Eri Berry.


Escaped through a getaway to Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa with my naughty little devil, Ruby Booby. Extra post link here.

IN APRIL . . .


i chopped my bangs and decided that Australia is a country that should follow after every heartbreak. Gold Coast – Brisbane cured my second lost for love like magic, so this time around i did Sydney – Brisbane. Perhaps Gold Coast is a better choice, perhaps love has different depths. But all in all Australia was bombastic. With these trips + the adventure to Melbourne from Tasmania during my uni days, i can finally say that i am done conquering Australia.

IN MAY . . .


Posed like a hot ass b*tch / motor racing model on a real racing bike at Formula One Paddock Club in Sepang International Circuit for the very first time – another one of those special unpredicted moments that create unexpected peaks in your life.


Went on a V.V.I.P treatment sponsored trip by Mastercard to Singapore to shop for free, and to watch Lady Gaga’s concert; which would never happen in Malaysia by the way. The best part is to have made many new friends from Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Indonesia . . . just pure awesomeness. Full posts here and here.


Foreword in GLOW May ’12 issue to seal the month.

IN JUNE . . .


i resumed my Spanish classes, marking a completion of all 8 levels in total for the Beginner’s Stage! 😀


Emcee-d a Quit Smoking Campaign with DJ Hunny Madu as quest.


Swam in the same sea Leonardo DiCaprio did at Krabi during the shoot of Hollywood film, The Beach.

IN JULY . . .


i was one of the few selected bloggers to be fully sponsored for a Diva worthy package of spa, shopping, and fine dining VIP treatment with local celebrities Xandria Ooi, Asha Gill, Joanne Kam, etc.



Together with a bunch of beautiful bloggers, i was flown to Penang for a sponsored trip – – – to PARTY!



Just when i thought lightning doesn’t strike twice thrice, i was on my way to Bangkok again for another sponsored trip this time by Panasonic. Next to me is the gorgeous Marion Caunter. Posts here and here.


My foreword for GLOW, September ’12 issue.



i celebrated Cuti-Cuti Malaysia at Club Med Cherating with Sarah, another travelover i discovered. There and then we decided that we should go on more trips together, this time outside Malaysia. Next one coming up early March 2013!!!



You see, i’ve had many talks with my ex boyfriend about visiting Cambodia but it was an absolute no go as he has been there before. Funny enough, Laos and India were my only available choices. (Apparently, i don’t even qualify for New Zealand.) A couple of months later, there he was with his new girlfriend. Well, bullshit life’s jokes aside, in the bright, promising month of November i finally stepped into the wonderful world of Angkor Wat. Here is a Comb Raider picture shot at Ta Prohm.


On 21st November i had the most fabulous birthday celebration in history; none of any from the past 25 years could beat this big fat one reuniting all the people i love, who loves. Juicy!


Emcee-d the Christmas Candyland launch for Watsons, with superstars Andrea Fonseka, Amber Chia, Kimberly Leggett, you name them.


[picture to be inserted tonight}

Emcee-d A French Affair for Elite Models.


My cute lil’ feature in a Christmas catalogue.


Climbed up the Berlin wall / First trip to Europe.

i am a happier, smarter, and better person today because of the people i’ve met, and the mistakes i’ve made. From the big bad wolves i learned how strong i can become; strength i never knew i had, whereas the wicked foxes taught me to stay calm, keep your head higher, and that the wisest thing to do – is to walk away from trouble. Sometimes, good things have to go for better things to come. To my friends who stay by my side for all the reasons they could find and for accepting me for who i am (or even better – lift me up, bringing the best in me), you are priceless and i could not have thanked God enough that i have you.

Last but not least dear readers, if you have leftover dreams from last year to be fulfilled, remember to repeat after yourself as many times as you like: Never say never. 🙂

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