Hotter than Snoop Rida

i’m sure everyone here has been to Cameron Highlands at least once, but i’m also sure that i’m the only girl here who drove up the hill with 4 men in my car! ha ha!! 8)


i made clear i had zer0 confidence to do so but somehow, i still ended being the driver T____T

The long and winding road was so narrow i swear i had to suck in my vagina a thousand times. You know, when you feel as if your balls shrink to the size of a raisin.


This is the house we stayed in.

Being the “qian jing xiao jie” that i am, i was hoping for a resort; but i heard stories from my gf Audrey that her mother got strangled by a ghost one night @ one of the hotels!!!

That made it easy for me to throw that gorgeous idea of mine outside this window :


So this is the view from upstairs..


Where i imagined how nice it would be to also have Eri‘s company besides a pipping hot steamboat & fresh greens; that bath in the pot instead of hanging from twigs around me!


Me and the other girls with our Chang beers that “spins my head right round” better than Flo Rida.


The construction that was going on was pretty tragic.

Inside the house, however, it was all warm, clean, and cosy.


At least we have Astro.




This is a|x’s signature pose whenever he sits. i call it the 90 degrees pose. So literal. lol


DSLRs and the adjusting(s) that came with them shall always remain a secret to me. sigh~


Our weekend outfit.


Me, beaming in earthy tones.


Him shooting me shooting him wtf.

After fooling around with our cameras, i still continued fooling around with my camera. 😀 Bloggers #FTW!!!


At some point i hoped i could jump on this cabbage bed without breaking a bone.


It wasn’t too chilly yet so i bared some skin for the remaining sun.


Our BBQ thingy (no, the word thingy does not exists).


A good shot of fire – at some point i wanted to pop that burning thing into my mouth. KIDDING!


JP “drop it like it’s hot”-ter than Snoop Dog. Well, he does have a sexc voice. Seriously.


Checkin’ the heat if it’s hotter than your mama. I’M KIDDING!!


At some point i seriously DID think these birds would look beautiful on the grill.. i almost plucked their feathers, if you would believe me.


The guys barbecuing ala License to Grill.


Where do you think the chicken came from?! Eh?


Humbert killed ’em!!!


And ate them all!!!!! (KIDDING!!!)


This is obviously not a good shot of Humberto, but it is the only picture i have with him from the trip. He’s one helluva funny guy with a heart of gold. 🙂


i know you’re checkin’ out us girls, i would too; but look what’s goin’ on behind us. lol.. havoc!


Closer shot. 911?


This is somehow my favourite pic among all mother of pictures in this post.


The Last Supper Dinner, under pink skies :



Isn’t it amazing?

What’s even more amazing was Ai Rene’s phonecall. She called me from Australia and a|x said i was on the phone for 2 hours, when i really thought it was only 40 minutes O_o!


Then the gwai lous played a drinking game; which i opted out because drinking is not my cup of tea my cup is only for tea wtf.

Really exhausted after all that crazy driving, i just want to sleep hugging a soft pillow ^.^


So? How do you like my weekend trip? i hope you got your dash of sun too! 😉

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  1. the house is for rent?per night?where it located exactly?

    1. hi Cindy, yup they rent it out. it is somewhere near Agro & Maybank. i don’t really know exactly how to explain it as it is a bit ulu.. lol.

  2. hi Cindy,do u have any contact of the owner of this house? i wont like to rent it,how much u pay for a night?

    1. hey, unfortunately i don’t as the guys planned it. but honestly i would suggest you not to go there =x

  3. Hi Cindy, we stayed at that house too! Not recommended right! I felt so boh song when we arrived, so laoya!

    1. wahlau~ THAT’S Y!! but the Caucasians loved very MUCH it #wtf

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