Pigs N Birds

here are the Top 3 things you MUST eat @ Bali :


1. Me (with a hyper sick face)

AHAHAHAHA! not funny, i know. Seriously :


1. Baby Guling.


this is a fact everybody knows but sorry lah, it really is #1 in the list.

Bali = Babi Guling. Babi Guling = Bali.


Eri | Me | Ruby duduk bersilang while waiting for our oz-some lunch!




so there you go, number one in the list, babi guling @ Ibu Oka, Ubud.


2. Bebek Bertutu.


you can easily hop on any cabs @ Ubud and tell the driver you wanna go to Bebek Bengil; he will definitely know h0w to take you there.


Eri sucking on a honeyed lemon grass stick


Ruby bOOby & me with our skinny ducks!!


ORGASMIC SIN : Black Russian Pie WTF? FTW! this piece is super drenched in RUM i don’t think this dessert is any halal-er than my post.


3. BBQ Ribs @ Naughty Nuri‘s (recommended by Kenny Sia)


i’m gonna use a quote from somebody here. he says (in his Facebook), “Fix your eyes. What is seen is temporary, what is unseen is eternal.


this picture is what you SEE. what you don’t and can’t see, is the TASTE of this babi, and it is …………………………………………..

I CANNOT DESCRIBE IT!!!!! Eternal in our memory?!



even with a super red runny nose, bad thorny sore throat, and stupid cough, this piece of rib took my mind off Team Edward Virus!


salad and mashed potato – to make us look less like men.


made this out of bones on a wooden table and made a postcard out of it; as a thank you note to Kenny. he said we will thank him later if we try this place out, and so we did!  ^^


i bet Ruby’s hair smells like BBQ sauce then but what i was even more sure, was that SHE DIDN’T FUCKIN’ MIND!!! rofl

last but not least (i know i said Top 3 but this is worth trying) :


at Seminyak, go to Warung Jawa Banyuwangi for a bowl of delicious :




i wonder who’s the lucky one who managed to get the last one left



Soto Ayummsss~

super delicious and mad cheap. mad, mad, cheap. you know how much it costs for a bowl of Bakso / Soto Ayam?

RM2 -__________-”


how can you not love Bali like we girls do?!

i hope this simple post can be used as a future reference when it comes your turn to visit Bali next time. updates again tomorrow! x

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  1. Sick, still can eat so much meh.

  2. wowo next time if go bali sure find you as my advisor.. hahahathis is still in sick ?or jus sick?

  3. Calvin Tang on

    OOoo…. i missed babi guling…. the taste was so unforgetable!!!
    Din go the other 3 places the last time though. Will definitely look
    out for it next time thanks! 🙂

  4. i want babi guling, now!

    1. KY, u already have a babi gf…

  5. Lenglui in sequence;

    (1) Eri
    (2) Ruby
    (3) Cindy (tiny boobs)


  6. Test. This is the real Huai Bin. Authentication?

  7. Cindy, the real Huai Bin here – you need to put authentication – or else it’ll just pull my photo. Thanks! 🙂

    I did not made the statements above. Check your IP.

    1. we know you did not make those comments. and have very good idea who did. dthe fella’s just childish.

  8. cindy your title of “PIGS & birds” is very apt hahahahahahaha

    1. HAHA totally agree. PIGS describes it down to a T. 😉

      Real HB here.

  9. Babi yg paling sedap di dunia. @.@|| Not exaggerating! XD

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