Thumbelina in Wonderland

Today i have a special post for you. It is a fashion post, and { 5 things }.


As you all know, i went to Cameron Highlands couple of weeks ago.

Here is what i wore :


Not sure if you remember, but this CoCo before Chanel inspired jacket was a gift from a|x for my birthday ^.^




Jacket | gift

Dark Blue T-Tank | Zara

Ceramic Necklace | from Spain

Camel shorts & Belt | Topshop

Scale Sandals | ALDO

Weeks before Chinese New Year i couldn’t stop myself from rant-tweet-ing about a 300 bucks sandals that i bought and regretted so much..


Here is the pair sandals that many had requested me to post.

For 1 whole month i couldn’t bare lookin’ @ it, but now i’m totally glad i own it. 😀


Orange nail polish from O.P.I. to fit the season.

Now. Here are the { 5 Things that Made my Trip } :

1. This beautiful bed of cabbages


{ because it made me wanna jump onto it and shrink to the size of Thumbelina for an adventure. }

2. These fresh mushrooms


{ simply because they are huge. }

3. This table spread


{ because it was prepared by the guys for the girls. }

4. These charcoals


{ because it kept us warm all evening. }

5. The pink clouds


{ because i thought they only exist in video games like Super Mario or Final Fantasy. }

What is everyone up to this weekend? A friendly trip packed with comfy clothes and good food i hope. XOXO! 8)

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  1. Nice photo ^^
    like it~ especially the 3rd photo ^^
    dunno y, it look simply but yummy~

  2. i love those sandals.I always wear flat sandals with jewerly.
    And pink sky is beautiful !!

    Espero estes mejor de tu resfriado! 🙂

    1. & u have a lovely new blog layout! 😀

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