Forward Weekend


If anyone were to ask me when was the happiest time of my life, without doubt I would answer: year 2007. Not only was it the happiest time; I am confident that I was also the happiest girl on the planet.

My heart was young and free; as light as a feather floating in the midst of rainbows every minute of every day. I was surrounded by a group; a ‘tribe’ of friends who cared and loved me as much as I did, and there wasn’t a day that passed by without honest laughters circulating the air surrounding us. If happiness has a color, there would be no chance that you’d miss it.

Tasmania. From July to October , we organized endless rounds of pot lucks, made jokes about wallabies, swam at the public pool in winter, threw Homer Simpson plush all around, and sang as the guys played the guitar under sparkling stars… How can I ever forget something so beautiful?

Over the years the members of our ‘tribe’ went separate ways. My life has since been encumbered by baggages in all sizes and those merry days became evanescent.  Last weekend, however, was one I really looked forward to. Kin Wai, one of my best Tassie friends, brightened up my day with a phone call simply because he realized that he hasn’t heard of my voice for a very long time. We couldn’t stop talking so we planned for a real meet up session on Saturday where we indulged more in our old times (rather than our French breakfast); relishing what was left, cherishing it further.

That weekend taught and reminded me how friendship requires no reasons but the effort to keep it alive. Every relationship takes two to tango, but someone has got to start. And one way to ask for something, is to be the person who gives first. If you have an old friend you miss, drop him or her a line to catch up. It doesn’t matter what you get in return. Be a person full of surprises.

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