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I am selling my curvy berry!!!

I realize that many of you like the nerdy me 8) so I am posting another 2 pictures of me in glasses (as if that’s gonna make it easier for me to sell berry)

Photo 177

I got this beauty October last year, so it is only about 6 months old.

If you are wondering why I’m selling it, it’s because I’m itching to get a new phone. HA, GATAL LAH TUH! So should you. Bolehlah kita BBM sama-sama wtf.

This is how my berry looks like currently :


FRONT – once you tear off the screen protector it is still perfect.





I won’t deny that there are a few scratches at the :


BACK – but that is inevitable lah. Think I am robot meh T__________T

That is why, I am selling curvy berry for ONLY rm600.

If you are a girl, there is a bonus cuz there is a Limited Edition berry skin in pink (the one Cheesie is using) which I never use before and I’m giving it to you for FREE!

Photo 178

If you are interested, just bring rm600 and meet me up anytime. I will pass you the complete berry set + pink skin even if you are a guy (who knows you might wanna get it for your niece… gf’s sister… secret gay partner… lol)

You know where to find me. Start leaving me your comments here. ♥


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  1. You should be using the new iPhone …

    1. Don’t get the current iphone the new one is on it’s way but seriously Android is the new iphone 🙂

      1. the new one? what is it? iPad? lol

      2. Look for the June announcement from WWDC

  2. Can I use a normal sim card for this? Or do I need a postpaid plan to use the berry?

    Itching to get

    1. u can use a normal sim card, but then u r using the berry like any other normal phones. if u sign up with dg postpaid, u pay 58 a month only for unlimited internet access (;

  3. Why not consider getting a HTC?

    1. it was my old phone lol!

  4. why u wann asell why!

  5. You guys gotta have Cindy’s phone! It’s still genuine and it has been touch by her beautiful soft hands for more than a million times! it’s unique even her smell is still on the phone. Place your bids and get it now before it’s too late!!!!

    see , I help u sell >D

    1. “even her smell is still on the phone”
      —– ooooh cindy, is de smell is from ‘insertions’ hihihi,
      I wills take it, right nowww. I serious lol. Hopes charger
      end yah? lololollll

    2. har… thanks sales man ahaahhaa//

  6. Hi Cindy I’m really interested in ur bb

      1. is it sold already?

  7. bunch of guys aftering a girl with unnatural facial
    expression, i bet this girl would never reply your message
    bcos she would never treat u as a friend. there r too many
    guys around her, and u r just another bee/fly trying to
    surround her.

  8. I’m interested! Can cod PJ area? Email me, Thanks.

    1. cod PJ area? meaning u want postage ah?

      1. where are you now?if at pj area can cod? no need postage.

  9. suggest u to buy HTC HD MiNi(newly launch)…suitable for you…Damage@RM1,800…Let me know if u need to buy so, i can pass u my buddy’s phone shop number where u can NEG wit him…okie:)

    1. no HTC thanks – i gave it to my dad 😛

  10. are u getting bold 2???
    no BB how to BB u??? kenot save moneh! 🙁 LOL

  11. You do postage?

  12. I’m interested =) Is it really 600 bucks?? any warranty left? and…what does the 600 bucks include?

    1. everything like u 1st buy it, except mine got a few scratches T_____T

  13. Hi Cindy,

    If the BB still available, I’m interested.
    DO let me know how I can paid you and collect it.
    Thank you.

  14. hey, izzit still available?? 🙂

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