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They say the eyes speak more than words. However, if your eyes look dull and tired, I don’t think that saying works.  =/

Having that said, this time I am revealing the secret to bolder, brighter eyes that you can have every day!


I hope that this secret also makes you feel confident and inspire you to try something new and aspire for a better tomorrow. 🙂


Secret : FreshLook Illuminate (the world’s leading brand of cosmetic lenses!)

If you live a fast-paced lifestyle but still wanna look stylish, trendy, and cool, daily disposable contact lens is the way to go as it is more convenient and healthy for your eyes.


Together with this secret, I am weaving in a makeup tutorial as well on how to work the colour purple on our face, and still remaining that natural look.

Here are the items you need :


I am using 4OUR different shades of purple eye shadow (as you can see, they don’t have to be in the same casing from the same brand),


and FreshLook Illuminate lenses of course.


FreshLook Illuminate enhances your iris naturally unlike other cosmetic lenses.


Remember to wash your hands before touching this beauty and wear them before applying your makeup.


FreshLook Illuminate is like magic. They make a massive difference to the eyes making it bolder and brighter!


This is how you make eyes speak more than words. 😀

Now I’m gonna show you how I do my purple eye makeup. Let’s start with nude eyes :


This is how my eye looks like without FreshLook lens. *sobs so sepet!

Let’s begin by filling in the brows. Dab on eye concealer and dust on loose powder to set. Do not forget this step as you don’t want your purple shadows to run.


Start off with the lightest purple hue you have and dab it at 3 places :


1. The centre of your lids. This will instantly brighten up your pair of gems!


2. Directly below the arch of your brow. This will give a definite lifting effect.


3. At the inner corner of the eyes.

Now that we’ve used the lightest shade, let’s move on to the 2nd darkest shade of purple :


Make sure you get a good blending brush.


Concentrate the colour at the corner of your eyes to give it a more intense look.


Blend the colour outwards for a cat eye effect.

Now get the darkest shade of purple.


Dip an eye liner brush into this rich colour and practice a few strokes at the back of your hands.


Shake off excess shadow from brush and start lining the eyes.

Now load a new brush into the 2nd lightest shade of purple :


And start filling in the remaining zones…


1. The brow bone zone.


2. The bottom inner corner.

Line the eyes with a liquid eye liner. Not kohl please. We want it neat!


I am skipping mascara. Just curl your lashes using a good eye lash curler, around 20 seconds per eye.


Stick on falsies.

Apply some pink blusher on the apple of your cheeks and be generous on your favourite glossy lipstick!


In this case, pink hues go better compared to orange / coral tones.

The result is something like this WITHOUT FreshLook Illuminates. WITH, it looks even better.


Because WITH it, you can attempt to pull the kawaii Taiwanese girls’ facial expression lol!


Or maybe not.


FreshLook Illuminate has got to be my favourite cosmetic lenses brand as it is very contemporary and specially created for Asian eyes in mind.


Now you can take a new fresh look on life too, because Freshlook is giving away 3-day free trial lenses from 19 April – 13 June 2010!!!

Those who sign-up will :

1. Receive a 30% discount voucher off their second box purchase.
2. Stand a chance to win RM500 plus a 30-day supply of FreshLook Illuminate.

Just log on to this website and register to sign-up for your trial lenses, and they will be delivered to your doorstep!


A small change will go a long way in changing the way you feel and also helps you take a fresh look at life.

Why don’t you try this, and tell me how you feel? ♥

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  1. so if i try this thing, would i need to also put on lipsticks?!

    1. ahahahaha! i can put for u! 😛

  2. Doing fashion posting seems to be your forte.
    You surely can do wonders with makeup and
    look so gorgeous.

    1. 10x giam. hehe.. wish u r a grl so can put for u now. LOL!

  3. Sorry am really hopeless with makeup.

    Question: Still need to put mascara on lashes even though using falsies?

    1. this one is up to u, but i never. cuz then u can only use your falsies once; unless u wash them n all damn mafan! >.<

      1. thanks! 🙂

  4. I dislike it …the lenses I meant. Your post is awesome 🙂
    The reason is that whenever I shift my eye ball to left/right, the black round thingy doesn’t hence it sorta block my vision, if you get what I meant.

    1. oh, mayb cuz your iris diameter is smaller than the lenses. haha! some brands do that for me too @@

  5. cantik

  6. ello .. hows life. ?? did email ya @FB.. but no reply/..
    bet u busy ././ take care..

    1. hey, i seldom check my fb INBOX. sorry >_<

  7. i tried it, mm, looks a lil bit weird on me, haha, i guess it’s bcz of my panda eyes, gonna stick with brown 🙂

    thanks for the tips. btw i did asked for the 3days trial lens but i haven heard from them yet, hopefully i get to try them, btw they look good on you.

    1. panda eyes then shld conceal! then can d one~

  8. You got my attention on the first photo but i wasn’t looking at eyes 🙂

  9. Nice post Cindy! 🙂
    Thanks for the make-up tutorial..
    Appreciate your effort in taking pics and putting them all up and sharing with us!
    Have fun in Aussie!

    1. THANK YOU! <3 <3 😀

  10. Cindy,

    I wanna drop you an email but couldn’t get ur personal email add here. Do you mind to drop me an email, i will reply from you there. TQ

  11. very sexy (not eye) cant tahan ! brb ~

  12. everyday must come see see to energize my head if not cannot work ~

    1. lol! got so khua cheong or not~ xD

  13. last time i low profile only..
    now head big liao active a bit..
    your new pic look great too 😀

  14. Girl, u have many fine lines around your eyes corner…
    it’s too dry..u better take good care.

    1. haha! yea man~ shld jaga MORE!

  15. Hi cindy can I know what do you use for eyebrows? Thanks! =]

  16. Hey, love the colour of your lipstick! May i know then brand and colour code? Thanks!

  17. HI! Really like the shade of your lipstick! Can i know wad brand and shade it is?

    1. Oh that one is Anna Sui Lip Stick B in 01 (:

  18. hi, just wondering what are the colour of your illuminating contacts lens?are they purple?

    1. no no they come in just one colour x)

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