The C-Spot

My favourite time of every weekday is at night.

That moment I reach home, take a hot steamy shower, slip into my cozy bathrobe, play some John Mayer, and seeing this! :


I just want to jump on it and feel lucky forever.  ^x^


You can view my bathroom here, my tiara Bali bed here, the Cura Box™ corner, and the Happy Autumn Family central by clicking the underlined words.

Today, I’m gonna take you on a complete tour of my chamber 🙂


The moment you open the wooden door, this alley you will see.

On the left is ze bathroom, and the right is my messy closet.

Walk further down till the red carpet and this is what’s on your right :


Breaking down into details…


I got this from IKEA. I guess that’s not too hard to guess lol.

Filling in every squares with red drawers will make it look boring so I chose only two. The tricky part is to make full use of the empty squares without making it look messy; so I place my towels.


Daddy helped me with this one. 8)

Spend some $$$ on deco. Unless you break them, or they are actually here to stay as long as you live! So don’t be stingy :p


Vases and bottles of different colours, sizes, and texture will do the trick.


Flowers – if you’re a girl, how can you not have flowers!  =/


My artsy fartsy kick-ass portrait and geeky territory.


ADDED A NEW CORNER IN MY ROOM!!! Only cushy stuff in pastel colours allowed. I think I’m naming it the baby lotion lane ^^


And at the end corner is where Tom my childhood friend and my Horoscope bible lives.

I’ve been checking out F.O.S baby clothes for Tom but still couldn’t find anything that really suits him yet. lol~


Fingers Legs crossed!

That’s it guys! A complete tour of my room. Hope you enjoyed it so far~ Have a pleasant weekend. x♥x♥

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  1. Hie, I heart ur bedframe. Can i know where you get it?
    Is it pricey? Thanks.

  2. I am so in love with your room babe! Makes me want to read this post over and over and over again!

  3. nicevince on

    ho those legs………. Cin, so beautifull cin……….

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