A Pink C

As promised, here is a better post than the weekend’s.

Somehow i have a believe that everyone goes out on weekends instead of staying home and read my blog, so i usually plog (picture blog) instead of blog. 🙂


i am no exception myself. i’ve been out and about with my family for the past 2 weeks. Even if we’re just staying home, we’re either in front of the TV laughing or drinking coffee at the dining table.

Here are a few things in my room back at my hometown that made my day everyday :


2 pink warm fluffy hearts hanging faithfully at the sides of my bed.


A tiny pink heart at the tip of my bed’s tiara; which i can’t remember where i got from no matter how hard i tried to recall.


The tiara dad fixed me since 2008 and never complained even though i wasn’t a lil’ girl anymore.


Glow-in-the-dark stars my 1st boyfriend helped me sticked on the ceiling right above my bed to keep me company at night.


The silky pink cotton-stuffed cushion mum made me.


Flowers from Lovely Lace and the chocolate cupcake from Malacca’s street market.


Some books i sneakily read instead of text books when i was in high school and a picture of me when i was 1, tryna apply mum’s makeup.


A frame for myself & my current lover (not like i had many, i only had 3) but then realized that only friends stay forever after changing it thrice – so i decided to replace it with a picture of Eri & Ruby until the day i get married.


A bride hanger and empty treasure box where i used to have my fantasies twirled about.


Glow-in-the-dark butterflies above my door (because my grandma once told my mum who then told me that butterflies are a sign of visitors arriving, and i love having goofy girlfriends as guests in my room).


My ecru sheets with woven pink flowers~


i don’t know if you noticed, but my chamber is kinda pink and speaking of pink, i have a message for you.

i took my jabs a couple of years ago so i don’t quite remember the exact period of rest time needed between ’em. However, i really hope you girls take your jabs now if you haven’t.

Cervical Cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting Malaysian women. Are you Malaysian? Yes. Are you a woman? Yes. So are you prone to cervical cancer? Yes! Then what are you waiting for? Don’t wait for the symptoms to arrive because that’s gonna be too late.


No matter how busy you are, just book an appointment with your doctor now (NOW NOW NOW!) and read more about preventing cervical cancer here. Do not procrastinate because you never know, darlings~

If you think fate, life and death is in God’s hands, you are right because that is why you are here reading this. You are FATED to read this so that YOU take action NOW.

See you @ the Largest Pink Party @ Zouk, KL this 12 March; which is exactly 2 months from now! i hope everyone is vaccinated by then oite? 😉

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  1. bagus, after mar 9, i can party like a rockstar! tag me alonggggg

    1. OH YA! hahaha! COME COME – 4 good cause summore. But please take your JAB woman!!

      1. i think u shud change the pic.. we have bali pics! change

      2. din develop cannot change! >.<'

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