Queen Midas

Weekend post! Technically it is still a Friday, but it’s Friday evening, so YES!!!

Here’s a short but sweet post for you 😀


i shall start with a picture of me & a|x that i took. At the end of the post there will be another which he took. Somehow i think he is a better camwhorer lol!


It was my 1st time to Hard Rock cafe… super jakun wtf


Best nachos i’ve ever had so far with grilled chicken N extra cheese~!


Midas Nachos


Juicy beef burger for share <3


And here is our last picture! Who do you think is a better camwhorer? 😉

p/s: Have you noticed how long my hair has grown? i feel like myself again. Happy MAX!

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  1. this is too obvious. he is definitely better. and its good to hear that you are happy again!! 😀

  2. your face is so long, why do you still want long hair? it makes your face looks longer!

    1. personal preference :p

  3. Yes, I notice bout your hair !! : ) I think you look great.

    1. 10Q! i love my long hair too~

  4. Yeahhh!! So long dee!!! <3!

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