‘Morning Raining’

i carried forward layered dreams (visual help: lasagna) this morning. Woke up like a car that just got jump started, and found myself in a dark room. It was my room, nonetheless, but something about it makes me really happy.

i went for a pee without switching on the bathroom light. Sat down on the toilet bowl and enjoyed a wash of mild, weak light pouring through the small window. Many things had fallen out from there on days like this (LO’ccitanes, scented candles, vases of flowers, even rocks . . .) hence it is never opened anymore on any day.

i washed my hands with the bitter cold pipe water and decided to skip the whole teeth brushing business. i rushed over to the windows instead; dragged the curtains open like i was launching some grand show to the world. i was right! – the sky, gloomy as ever. The clouds, heavy and layered; like my dreams yesternight. The swirling wind, made trees down below swayed and brushed each other like crazy.

i carried my Sunday friends to the living room – a ‘currently reading’ book, recipe books, iPhone, MacBook, and started writing this.

Honestly, there is no point in writing this, or for you to read this. But i do think it’s important to publish some ranting posts once in a while, the Live kind; just so those-who-are-interested-in-keeping-up-that-way know what i’m really up to.

In the nutshell, this rainy Sunday is all about reminiscing good ol’ childhood times. My brother and i used to play this game we invented called Morning Raining (can’t get any more literal than that), when we shrieked “Hurray!” at the top of our lungs at the first sight of big round rain drops, then started bringing out our soft toy family to enjoy and witness nature’s 50 Shades of Grey at the back of our sofa.

Our members of the soft toy family have much more creative names than Sesame Street:

  • Kedut Hu-Hu the Christmas Rabbit
  • Eeyorrr~ Hare the brown Hare
  • Alskar Digg the cow; which actually means I Love You in Swedish

. . . just to name a few. 😆

But the best ‘toy’ / playmate ever, was a boy named Eugene:


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