Champagne Stories


i never thought of putting the word ‘dream’ with ‘buffet’ together, but i think this one deserves it. Endless rounds of local favorites, fresh cold cuts, assorted homemade jams, adorable sweet morsels, warm baby pancakes lightly dusted with frosty icing sugar . . . the list goes on and on and on.

Life as we know it is not always as such, but when it does happen once in a while, we recognize them as moments worth cherishing for a long time to come. Eating under the shelter of huge white umbrellas with cheerful company of frangipani trees, cool blue pool that was oh-so-soothing to the eyes, and of course, free flow champagne throughout breakfast session – i counted my blessings to be alive, and loved.

We rented two kap chai bikes to loiter around little jewel island. i suggested Padang Mat Sirat to see the burnt rice / beras terbakar but was utterly disappointed by how unkept it was. The journey to was longer than the time we spent there; as we stared into the dry hay of dull nothingness crap. Somewhere in my memory i remember my mother made it more fun with the story telling of Mahsuri ‘s Legend when i was young. Everything looks rosier when we were kids, as we look at the world through tinted glass . . .

Memories are beautiful, but only those who can make the present better than the past, are the ones worth keeping.


End of Langkawi Photo Diary 2013.


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