Basic Brows

Basic Brows

When I was young and still learning about the parts of a face, my mum used to tell me this cute tale; which explains each of their role(s) as well. The hierarchy story goes like this:

Mouth: I am important to the face. I can eat!
Nose: I am also important to the face. I breathe!
Eyes: I too, am important to the face. I see!

Mouth, nose, and eyes turn to eyebrows and start laughing at them.

All: What do YOU do?
Eyebrows: Without me, a human being doesn’t look human. 



Can you imagine a person without eyebrows?

Drawing your brows might seem like an easy thing to do, but there is a secret to every art. To achieve more defined brows, in this tutorial you will find some tips you may already know / not know; but needless to say I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

Here are 5 simple steps to achieve beautiful brows the basic way.


Lancome’s brow pencil alone should be enough, but to achieve more precision, I bring in ZA’s. The latter is recommended by a makeup artist i knew, who shared with me at a celebrity backstage shoot why this is her favorite and I can absolutely see why ever since.


If you have very thick brows, comb the hairs beforehand to keep them groomed and neat. This will also help brush away excessive powder / debris, making your brows stay longer.


Identify your arch. Do so by looking straight into the mirror, and placing your pencil next to your pupil (as shown above).


Draw the ‘tail’. The end of your brow should always be darker than the rest.


To check where your brows should end, place your pencil at the 3 points dotted green, alphanumerically.


Outline the rest of your brows. Top and bottom, on both sides.


Fill in the sparse spaces. The start of your brows should not exceed your brow pencil when placed like so, against your nose bridge.


Blend for a natural finish using the eyebrow brush.


And now you’re done!


I’m wearing the Lady Emerald makeup look as shown in this tutorial. Till then, have fun and always remember: Practice makes perfect.


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