Monday Black

It’s Monday but that doesn’t mean we have to feel blue!

Here’s a post for my ladies out there on how to twist blue to black, making emo days classy. This OL look is easy to do, simple and nice.


This look is very versatile. You can use it for office, and after office hours. Scroll down to see how. 8)


Get a LBD (little black dress), one that you’re comfortable in because you’re gonna wear it from day – night.


For eyes, make it smokeh~!


Go for nude lips.


Do not apply too much blusher. This is the look i achieved. Stick to the right hues and you should get something like that too.


Spray on Moonlight Sparkle. i think this scent suits the Monday Black look perfectly.

Like American Honey, again we are livin’ up the less is more rule by using dainty accessories to highlight selected areas of the entire look.


A Box in A Box studded Gucci earring.


A Circle in A Circle matching ring.


Thomas Sabo charm bracelet with a dainty Treasure Box peek-a-boo locket.


iPhone. Trust me, smart phones are accessories in Hollywood.


Last but not least, you will need a blazer with pointy shoulders before going to work! You don’t wanna look like you’re going to a club during day time.


ala OL.


Black leather bag. Tip: carry it half-way on your arm, not all the way up hanging on your shoulders!


This is the 90% complete look.


Now with a pair of pleated silk and snake skin black heels, we have a 100%. 😀


After working hours, just remove your blazer, and walaa waala! You’re one hella sexc laydeh.

Happy Monday Black, workin’ people!  X

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  1. Sure,sexy lah but make sure that after
    dark and lots of dancing, your feet don’t
    get blue black.

  2. totally amazing booth!today though I fill my days with bright colors!

    1. good start too! 😀

  3. you should try Monday Orange one day! =P

  4. oh wow. havent been visiting here for a while

    1. tu lah; u hilang ntah kemane

      1. ku x hilang mane lah. ku banyek busy nowadays lol

  5. lol, if i’m wearin dat dress to work, i’ll sure be having alot of sharp staring from the execs and management then the next thing i noe is having a warnin letter dat i’m wearin sexy… T_T

    1. warning letter?? sure bo! ahmagad…

      1. my company’s 2010 new law! ftl!

  6. Cindylicious!
    Black is MY fave colour! Haha
    Praying for your recovery~

    1. thanks! perhaps that helped & i didn’t need the hospital @.@

  7. Cindy,

    We can see all black on the outside. One don’t have to guess what is in the inside….wink, wink, wink.

    When women are in black, one wonder what kind of mood they’r in …..?

    According to WikiAnswer ……. when they are in BLACK

    Black (Onyx)- Serious, Intense, Mysterious, Excited, Energetic, Anxious, Upset, Nervous, Stressed, Tensed, Angry, Also; Mood Ring May Not Be Working When It Displays This Color With No Change.

    So, where do u fit in , Cindy …..!!!

    1. -________________________-

  8. oh i love the black dress =)
    looks so elegant on you….

    more fashion post plz…. then i can learn more from you !
    good one!!!

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