[AD] The Story of Pure Love

The moment you stop trying to impress your boyfriend, is when he starts ogling other girls.

He might say, “Very pretty liao la, don’t need so much makeup” (which actually means “Dude, hurry up“), or “i prefer natural beauty“, but then you see them checking out other women when you start going to mamak in your pajamas!


But when he says “natural beauty“, what do you think he means?

To me, it means natural perfection and love – The kind of true, unadulterated love that expresses my purity best. The kind of unconditional care and love for women only Watson’s Pure Beauty can give… ♥


This is where my skin is nurtured to perfection, naturally.


Just like searching for the right man, women keep on searching for what they think is best for their precious skin.

Sometimes we fall for men that come with a “glamorous package”; just like we fall for beauty products with fancy labels.

We think the more love we give, the longer the relationship will last or; the more we pay for the products, the greater the return.

But one day, you look back and what you see is a complete stranger.

Sounds familiar? I’m with you.


Pure Beauty strips away signs of time, erasing scars from the past, and relieves blotches of bad memories. i rediscover beauty from pureness once again; the purity that makes my skin feel loved. 😉

And you know what they say, you’ve gotta learn to love yourself first before you are capable of loving anyone else!

The Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant Skincare’s range includes the 2-in-1 foam cleanser, toner, essence, eye, gel & night cream. Each bottle is formulated with the latest cocktail of natural extracts with super-potent antioxidant benefits – the oil extracted from the nutrient rich pomegranate. 😀


My favourite product of all time is the Pomegranate Antioxidant Essence (HERO PRODUCT).


This treatment essence is formulated with rice, green tea, mulberry root, and pomegranate oil extracts – Sooo delicious~!


It has a faint powdery flowery scent that tickles my sniff buds each time i use it.


Just apply a small amount and massage onto face and neck area after toner and before moisturizer.


i was the chosen one amongst the many female bloggers to endorse Watson’s Pure Beauty products. It is my dream come true, and you can imagine how happy i felt when i saw myself in the papers!



Photo 240

i wore a sexc red tube dress to the media launch. It took me a couple of days to find something so basic, actually.


Full Shot


MichelleZYenn was there to accompany and capture red carpet moments for me (‘:


The guests were served with a delicious watermelon pink cocktail mix~


Matching cocktail and cocktail dress ey? Ha Ha


Our 2 emcees for the lovely evening.


A short love is pure play.


There were also 3 beautiful models parading the products for everyone. The full range of the products was displayed here.


Then there was me. ^^

Pictures taken by Michelle during the Q&A :


I shared about my favourite Pomegranate Antioxidant Essence and how the products are easily fit into my hectic schedule.



On beauty.

After Q&A session :






Pomegranate firms, brightens, softens, refreshes, energizes the skin, and at the same time prevents anti-aging.

The pomegranate used is from the Southern part of Korea and has anti-inflammation skin calming effects. It is also suitable for sensitive skin and provides sun protection. Its rich nutrients makes skin healthy and prevents skin cell damage from harmful pollutants in the environment.


Watson’s Pure Beauty is definitely worthy as the price ranges from RM19.90 – RM43.90 only, making it is extremely affordable for all young women who is either studying or working like me. Like I said in the interview, RM 50 and I still have enough money for ice cream!


Remember, “Believe in the power of pure love; because with love, you feel beautiful.”

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  1. Er, I think ‘prevents anti-aging’ is NOT a good thing…

    You may want to correct that (just under 3rd image from the last).

    Anyway, congratulations on being selected to ‘endorse’ their products.

  2. im looking for a little red dress.. where did you get yours? it’s pretty.. 🙂

  3. Wah lol ang ang, the weather is already hot
    and you still want to increase the the ‘hotness’
    You should be a teacher to kids, so good in
    spinning stories even from a advertorial.

  4. eh.. where is redmummy?
    it’s so red.. =P

  5. sorry can i know all the product price??? cause i wanna try…. but i scare i will buy expensive thing ~~ can tell mii pls???

    1. all the products are less than RM50; very affordable. i’m using them too (=

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