Dirty Makeup

Can you look good in it?

i don’t know, but i’m gonna give it a try!  XD


i call this look the dirty makeup because of the colour tones i chose to use.

a|x had 2 Spanish friends came to Malaysia and he decided to take ’em to Look Out Point, Ampang one Sunday evening.

so let’s see. we’re going uphill so no heels, no mini skirts. it’s not a romantic date, so there’s no need for a dress. what’s better than a pair of shorts and a sexc top? i also went for earthy tones because it seems like this ‘activity’ has something to do with ‘nature’ lol.

here’s how i did the grouch :


draw eyebrows with grey-ish brown brow pencil. GREYISH BROWN! SEE HOW DIRRRTYY THAT SOUNDS? wtf

there are only 4 parts to do the grouchy eyes. think Oscar from Sesame Streets.


1. indulge your brush with some sort of mossy green. yum yums~!


apply it all over the eye lid.


2. use back the same brush (no need to clean it) and have fun dipping it into some kinda funky dark brown… mine’s browken T_____T


apply colour at the end corner of lid for deeper hollower eyes,


then use a flat slanted brush to line the bottom eye.


3. immerse a different brush into nude brown


swipe colour all over un-coloured zone,


and inner corner of the eyes.


4. last but not least, use the same brush above and give shimmering gold a gentle touch.


using the newly loaded brush, swipe the shimmering gold at the brow bone area,


and the center of the lids. this will make your eyes appear larger and brighter.

that ends the 4 steps to create our grouchy eyes for the day! ^_^


using a liquid eyeliner brush, draw a sexc fine line.


stick on falsies and curl them together with your real lashes.


swirrlll your blusher brush on your favourite blush palette.


suck your cheeks in and swipe some good ol’ bronzer under your cheek bones. YEE HA!!!


finish off with an orange based colour lipstick / gloss, and you’re ready to go! xx


With Ro & To.


a|x, who doesn’t like this picture because he was lazy to super style his hair.


ruby bOOby joined us too!!


blur group picture taken by blur waiters.


my favourite shot of KL night view taken by a|x.

dare to take the challenge? tell me how your dirty makeup turns out! never knew i could wear ‘dust’ to meet people and still feel like a mud queen. 😀

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  1. I saw u in today The Sun paper..page 19 under lifestyle section

    1. thanks for the info girl (;

  2. I love your top/dress. Where did you get it?? I wanna get it too!! 🙂

  3. haha that’s not very dirty at all, try this as dirty makeup

    1. that kinda dirty how to pakai chu jie! =.=

  4. Just wondering where is the restaurant as ur location i the last two pics

    1. Look-out Point, Ampang (:

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