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this is my last post on the completion of a pledge i took up; which is to fulfill Madam Lily Sin’s wish to get  a pair of multi-focal glasses, and a new haircut to suit her new frames!


as usual, i’m starting my post with a picture of my face. q=

this post is brought to you by,


Gracesalon @ Bangsar Village II


this salon is magnificent and super high end. you’ve gotta see it for yourself!


that’s why i was dressed ala Blair / Gossip Girl. lol


got ourselves good seats on these posh cushions.


Grace cuts Lily’s hair by herself. it’s very ‘happifying’ to know that there are still generous people in this world. ♥


a happy lily ^^


O ram-but.


almost there…


what i do while waiting. no surprise ey?


a few more touch ups,


and we’re finally done 😀

Lily’s glasses are not here yet, but her hair is so much neater and stylo milo now.


Me & Grace, the beautiful salon owner. i don’t know how to express my gratitude to Grace mi lady.


to those of you who wants to give your hair a chance and Grace a try, you can go to Gracesalon @ Bangsar Village II, 1st Floor (next to Marmalade Cafe).


that ends my pledge. i’m very satisfied and happy to have this chance by TLC to be a part of the Promise Me campaign. hopefully there are more to come.

make someone happy today! 🙂

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  1. Aww! Trills me to know how kind-hearted & sincere you are. I’m proud to have known you. Thanks for making two someone (me as well) happy today! 🙂

    1. u’re most welcome? ha ha..

      1. should thank yourself for growing up this well. haha

  2. ha ha ha! You know, I thought your pledge would be to help some starving children or go dig a well in Africa or something but it’s kind of cool that it was to get someone a wicked haircut.. cynicism is dead, GO LIPSTICK!!! Seriously!

    1. Go Lipstick! haha <3 that~

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