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i always enjoy reading a good book, catching up with my girl friends, and posting some cool Instagram pictures in between. Usually all three situations happen in a coffee shop, where i would have no choice but to sit indoor because apparently, outdoor is for smokers. At other times, i’m ‘forced’ to sit outdoors if one of my friends happens to be a smoker too.

In a warm country like Malaysia, people seem to love blasting their air conditioning as if it was a daily competition. You notice this in most offices, cinemas, and of course, franchised coffee shops. Personally, i prefer to sit outdoors under the shade of a tree or umbrella. And i would love to do so while being able to breathe in fresh air, without having to hear a smoker say to me “Go sit inside lah!” when i tell them to please exhale the other way.


It seems i will have to scarify my health should i choose to sit outdoors for a cup of tea. Do you know that cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals and at least 69 are known to cause cancer?

Often i find myself wishing there was a small device with filters that would absorb cigarette smoke faster than my lungs, and expense more oxygen in return within the radius i am sitting in. Although Ghandi once said that “You can’t change the world but you can change yourself”, i believe we can do better. Those who are aware and considerate enough can take responsibilities to help change and make the world a better place for all.


Philips’ has a new campaign called The Innovation that Matters to You to improve your quality of life by partnering with individuals (you) to combine your ideas together with their expertise to deliver meaningful innovations that help Malaysians live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.

Let’s play our part now by taking this chance to donate our ideas that could create a positive change for healthier homes, safer cities and an overall improved quality of life. Here’s how you can help to make meaningful innovation, a reality.

4 simple steps:


Some fun facts about this contest for you:

  • Campaign website is http://www.meaningfulinnovation.asia/malaysia
  • Campaign runs from 3rd October till 14th November 2013.
  • Everyone who submits an idea gets a chance to win prizes worth up to RM5,000!
  • The Grand Prize for the winning idea will receive 1 unit of Philips Viva Collection Airfryer and 1 unit of Philips Viva Collection ME Computerized Electric Pressure Cooker.
  • Consolation Prizes for Shortlisted Entries will receive 1 unit of Philips Living Colors Bloom Black and I unit of Philips RaGa MP3 Player.


Check out the cool prizes above!

Contribute one idea, improve many lives. And don’t forget to vote for the best winning idea towards the end of the campaign. Below is my submission. 😉


We can all live healthier through the use of innovation. Submit your ideas here, and join the conversations using the hashtags #meaningfulinnovation #malaysia on Facebook, or follow @PhilipsMY on Twitter.

A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.” – Tom Stoppard, British playwright.


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