Princess Cinderella


Whenever there is an event, party, or even TV / photo shoot that requires my attendance, there is only one look that i will go for. Having tried countless makeup styles, i came out with this makeup palette combination that never lets me down – be it my appearance in person, or in prints. It is also the look i wear almost 90% of the time! As my name is a short form of fairytale princess Cinderella, today i’m about to share with you what i call, The Cinderella Look.

p.s. This is NOT a sponsored post.


90% of the time, i don’t wear primer, foundation or loose / compact powder. If you look closely at all my beauty posts, you may notice the ‘rawness’ of my skin. Personally, after my usual skincare routine, i use either:

  • Biotherm WHITE D-TOX correcting base, OR
  • Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense sunblock

(depending on how much time i’m gonna spend the day outdoors) as protection against harmful UV rays, then leave it as it is to give my skin the liberty to breathe.


Moving on, the list of tools that you need to create this look:

  • Lancome LE CRAYON SOURCILS eyebrow pencil
  • Chanel blush in 76 FRIVOLE
  • Vaseline (as lip protection)
For the eyes
  • Majolica Majorca Trick On Powder MAJOLOOK eyeshadow in BR751
  • CLIO KILL SLIM eyeliner
  • Shu Uemura eyelash curler
  • Cecil EYE PUTTI + Falsies (volume depending on occasion)
  • Maybelline HYPER CURL mascara
  • Chanel NATURAL FINISH PRESSED POWDER (to set eye concealer)

Complete brush essentials guide here.

To start, fill in your eyebrows (guide here) and balance both your eyelids if necessary (guide here).


In this picture, i’ve placed the makeup brushes we are gonna use on the respective colors.


  1. Apply GREY-ish tone all over eye lid. Do not exceed that area to avoid eyes looking ‘dirty’.
  2. Using BROWN, create a lying down ‘V’ shape at the corner of your eye. Focus on the area and blend well without entering more than 2/3 of zone #1.
  3. Sweep a wash of GOLD under brow bone area. Blend harsh lines carefully from zone #2.
  4. Line bottom lash line with BROWN tone (leaving out the inner corner). This will balance and warm up the eyes.
  5. Highlight a touch of GOLD at eye’s bottom inner corner. This will brighten up the eye.
  6. Add shimmering baby PINK to these 3 areas: under brow arch, center of eyelid, inner corner of eye. This gives a brilliant 3D effect.


Line your eyes (guide here).


Curl your lashes.


Stick on falsies.


Apply eye concealer. i like to leave this as the second last step when doing my eye makeup. Reason being there might be fallen debris during the whole eyeshadow application process, making the under eye area comot again.


Apply mascara to bottom lashes.


Swipe coral / orange toned blush to the apple of your cheeks.


Just follow the steps in this tutorial closely, and you’ll achieve this look in no time. 😉


Like my mum always say, “Practice makes perfect”!


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