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Apart from my pinkish girly blog, i am exceptionally rough when it comes to my nails. It takes an incredible amount of time to get them manicured (not to forget the drying time), but less than a day to spot an embarrassing chip shining from every corner with pride. Just when i decided to agree with myself that manicure is a “太太‘s way for wasting time”, Tongue in Chic sent me a parcel of Sally Hansen’s SALON Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. It is very easy to use with NO DRY TIME! Here’s 5 simple steps how-to:

1. Select


{best-fitting strip for each nail. there are 16 strips in a packet}

2. Peel


{clear protective plastic cover, followed by nail polish strip from paper}

3. Break


{silver tab from strip}

4. Apply


{strip by placing it against cuticle line. press and firmly smooth over entire nail}

5. Shape


{nail edge by gently filing away excess using the light pink shade of file provided}

SH Diamond Strenth Base & Top Coat

While and after preparing nails to be dressed with the SALON Effects Real Nail Polish Strips, it is highly recommended to apply the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat (RM 44.90) to make your new manicure lasts longer (up to 10 days; unless you were me).


And there you have it – fast and easy manicure done with style from your own home. To remove strips, just use a nail color remover because these strips are made from real nail polish!

*i’m wearing Sally Hansen’s SALON Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in 330 FLY WITH ME.

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  1. Where to purchase Sally Hansen’s SALON Effects Real Nail Polish Strips?
    Thank you.

  2. Those are pretty! 😀 And they’re really made from REAL nail polish? How’d they do that? So cool! haha~ I spend HOURS on my nails. And they don’t last as long as I’d like. Andddd I can never get through an entire bottle of nail polish–they spoil really easily T.T

    1. that happens to me too actually. haha! actually i think i’m too ‘chou lou’ for nail polish T.T

  3. ohhhh such pretty butterflies! id like to have diff nail polish every day but never have time to do it! :L


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