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When i received this stunning black maxi dress from The Pop Look ala Angelina Jolie, i couldn’t wait to share it with you. Its simple touch of embellishment on the straps gives a gentle touch of elegance, making it an easy piece to throw on for fancy night out or even for a special lunch date! However, i realized that i was missing something to complete the whole look – a designer bag. i was thinking perhaps a Balenciaga Classic City tote would have been perfect, won’t you agree? 8)



i never owned a designer handbag because the thought of spending thousands on a 3 alphabet item b-a-g intimidates me. If you understand what i mean, here is a 7-letter word R-E-E-B-O-N-Z that might change your mind. Reebonz Fashion offers 100% authentic goods from designer brands such as Prada, Gucci, Coach, Burberry and Miu Miu!


Based in Singapore, Reebonz is a member’s only shopping site that offers luxury items and services at a discount of 30% – 70% off retail prices. Its range includes:

Reebonz Fashion



Reebonz Home



Reebonz City / Travel


Reebonz holds exclusive private sales events, which lasts 2-3 days for members to purchase. They currently accept payment via Paypal, imerchant and offers Malaysian installment payment schemes via credit card from 6 participating banks (ALLIANCE, EON, HSBC, MAYBANK, MBF, OCBC and Public Bank).


If i were to buy this grand Balenciaga Giant Work Tote at a shop else where, believe it or not – i would be paying RM7778. But if i were to buy it through Reebonz, i can save RM1310! Can you imagine how many things you could buy with RM1310? One can also pay by the 0% installment plan; which means in this case i would only have to pay RM269 per month. 😀


Just select Credit Card Installment Plan Purchase instead of Credit/Debit Card.


Reebonz offers a 14 working day return policy and currently delivers to 16 countries free of charge. Delivery takes between 3-5 days subject to customs clearance, and members are not required to pay for custom duties and taxes.

If you sign up with Reebonz now, you stand a chance to win a Marc Jacobs bag:

New sign ups promo


If you’re already a member, refer your friends and you can stand a chance to win a Marc Jacobs bag too!:

referral program edm

Now i’m one step closer to my dream to own a designer bag. Thanks to Reebonz, luxury is made affordable. As for now, you can use your imagination to complete this fashion post:




Ring: DIVA
Sunglasses: F21
Vintage Earrings: from SPAIN
Silver Lining Dress: POPPY
Bag: sign up @ http://reebonz.com



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  1. I adore your style. No matte what you put on, you always look chic and stylish. That is among the reasons why I keep coming here to read your blog! xo

    1. thanks Memer~ love your support & your comments mean a lot to me <3

  2. agree with Memer, will keep coming and follow u forever

  3. Can I be yr friend with yr personal facebook?? tq

  4. Hi Cindy, I love the dress. Can I know what size you wearing?

    1. it’s free size! 😀

      1. You so thin can fit into UK size: 8 – 12…then I fatter means I also can wear lo..okok…I will buy =)

  5. loveeeee the first photo! x

    why arent you getting more than 10 comments each post?? thats just not right :(((


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