[AD] Goodbye, Odor!

It’s been awhile since I last did a Cura Box post; so here is one and I shall start by asking you a question! :p

How do you tell someone that he/she has bad body odour (BO)?

I find this as hard to say as “Sorry Boss, I’ve really gotta take a dump” in a meeting!

However, if that person with BO is my friend, I believe someone has gotta tell him/her and that person has gotta be me. >.< Better tell them fast before more people find out right?

Odour has its own weird hapak smell (like dirty socks in an old cupboard) and it’s really unbearable. There’s this guy (I can’t say out his name here) who used to fetch me in his car and whenever he raised his arms for the steer… Ya Allah! =.=”


Ah ma dou mmm yeng tak!

Since it is gonna be very rude of me to tell you the name of this guy-with-smelly-armpits, let me make this post about personal hygienic care general instead.


Do you know that sweat is produced by 2 to 5 million pores on our skin? It is okay to sweat, because basically sweat doesn’t smell. However, it is the bacteria that “eats” the sweat which then produces body odour!

Bacteria + Sweat = BO

Our armpits only release 1% of the total sweat from our body but they contribute to 99% of the overall SMELL! Ha, scared or not?!

That is why just by bathing everyday and applying powder afterwards is NOT the solution. Some girls I know even put lemon! =.=” OMFG your grandma’s 2000 years old petua (remedy) won’t work, beauty~

To those without BO, don’t think you’re safe forever. We must still maintain the dryness of our kalatai because it is the hardest part of the body to dry when it gets wet.

I use :


Sanex Anti-Perspirant Deodorant which protects, respects, & keeps skin healthy. (-;


I found this magic bottle in a Guardian pharmacy opposite my office one day and decided to try it out. Just by using it once, I fell in love with it straight away~ :O


1. Remove the cover (duh).


2. Hold it 15cm far and sprayyyyyy…


3. Smell your armpit and check. Notice there’s 100% no white traces or whatever? That’s because Sanex contains 0 alcohol! 😀


So this, my readers, is my best friend before sport, under the hot weather, or even when I have emotional stress! (the latter can cause you to sweat too)

Sanex also has a very cool website. How cool? Why look! :


First you choose lah mana-mana yang you suka. I chose the blue one cuz I LOVE it natural~

Then there’s the educational fun quiz part. Can you see what it says there? It says :

Watch out, the Sanex bottle will be fuming mad if you get it wrong.”

So I purposely chose the obvious wrong answer to see if Sanex gets on fire –


LOL the fella FUMED and said my answer is “A complete lie!” FML.

Anyway, buddies~ let’s protect ourselves from BO and help cure those who has it by introducing them to this trustworthy, truthful deodorant, Sanex.

I’ve tried and used countless bottles of deodorants from various brands and I must say that their focus seems to be more on beauty, whitening, or even packaging. While they are busy doing all that, the British Skin Foundation has found the secret formula for Sanex which; is the mineral goodness that keeps our underarms healthy all_day_long.

I don’t see white traces or experience any sticky feeling on my underarms after spraying Sanex on. Instead, there’s this super syiok cooling effect lingering there like ketiak guardians fighting bacteria and sweat. Hiiyaakkk! lol

Now I can raise my arms up high even when I’m kickboxing (yes I do!), sweating under the sun, posing for the camera… It’s confidence, baybeh! Just trust me.

The World looks brighter when you have confidence, and definitely when you smell better too!  XD

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  1. eeeee tak geli ker pki perfumes tue !

    1. kenape pulak geli! lol

  2. they should run the campaign on LRT too, should be super effective. lol

    1. HAHAHAH! mesti u kena b4! ;p

  3. Hmm, looks nice. Let me smell can? lol.

  4. Hey Cindy, I’ve been using Sanex for some time too and I instantly felt in love with it. Screw other brands because Sanex is the best XD at least to me and you 🙂

    1. YAY! i agree; i wrote this ad sincerely & i trust Sanex man! B)

  5. Kung Kek Kuat on

    Cindy, if u go date with me, i kiss yer ketiak in the public

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