Perfume Tips!

Hi guys N girls,

Today’s blog post / video log is categorized under ‘Cura Box‘ but it is NOT about makeup because I certainly do have guy readers too!

So I thought, why not discuss about a topic that can benefit both genders?  ;D

Our highlight today is on fragrances.

Photo 96

Scent is something you can’t see, but plays a very important part in our lives.

What scent you carry actually translates the type of personality you have. A man who uses Britney Spears’s ‘Fantasy‘ would definitely be read as gay. Correct me if wrong.

There are a few things you things you could take note when it comes to fragrances :

  • Where to spray your perfume (the right spots)
  • What to do when buying your favourite scent. (This is important because perfumes are not cheap and if you hate the scent you chose, that bottle seems to take FOREVER to finish!)

Below is the video log I took while waiting for a friend :

So folks, remember to sniff on coffee beans and wait for 20 minutes to get a whiff of the real scent of the perfumes!

& remember, don’t bruise the quality of those lovely essences~  *^^*

Update :

This is gonna be the last time I’m urging ya’ll to Tweet Tweet Tweeeeeeeeeetttt!

I promise I’ll reply everyone’s @namaorang because I just found out that one can’t read all my @replies UNLESS s/he follows that person too!

Was worried my Tweet home page will look too much like a chatroom and flooded with a bunch of messy replies; but apparently NOT, & that’s why I’m so happy!

Now I can reply all my followers who @teycindy me~  😀

Photo 75

See, even I am such a noob after Tweeting for so long and there’re still so many things to discover on Twitter.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Ops… that just shows how outdated you are!  =X

It’s still not too late; this is my last message to urge ya’ll to start Tweeting. Start here~ <3

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  1. I have Victoria’s Secret’s love spell collection
    too!But mine’s the body mist,it dffo smells goood =)

    1. ya! like those ‘siang dou’ we put in pencil box last time!!

  2. some how i like the way how u look at the camera. got the flirtatious eye ! haha in another words sexy eye ! lol

  3. smelling good is essential!

    1. it definitely is~! 😉

  4. hehehe mcm sales girl pulak !

    1. mane aderr…. lols! xD

  5. heya cindy~ did u cut ur hair?

    1. nope, not in this post!

      1. haha..duno y somehow it looked shorter =x
        my bad =P

      2. hehe! mayb cuz i styled it that way~

  6. haha…good tips!

  7. where can i get victoria’s secret perfume??

  8. These tips are fabulous. I usually don’t change my style of scent, so I stick with my usual 5 perfumes. But as a women always looking for the best deal around, I get these 5 from They have a laundry list of your favorites scents at crazy good prices!

    1. Thanks for sharing. (;

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