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A new optic shop has just opened in my neighborhood so my brother and I decided to check it out. Each shelf housed either a bright neon orange or yellow sticker, scribbled with a seductive “50% OFF” in thick black marker. We both bought ourselves a pair of RayBans with happy thoughts that we had gotten a neat deal, until I was introduced to the mCompass application – – Now I know what I had been missing out on.


Capitalizing on the best sales and promotions available throughout the 1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival, mCompass is a user-friendly iPhone application for MasterCard cardholders that are on the hunt for amazing deals. You can easily download the app for FREE using iTunes:



Can you spot my mCompass in my colorful sea of downloaded apps? 🙂


Take your time to register, and connect the app to your Facebook (optional):


Not only is this app a shopaholic’s dream come true, it also saves you time once you know exactly where to look for a specific item. There are some things money can’t buy, for everything else there’s MasterCard. MasterCard is presenting its cardholders with an exclusive suite of privileges and great deals, including promotions at the newest malls and trendiest retail stores in Malaysia, giving you priceless shopping experiences!


Even though i just recently got myself a pair of (overpriced) RayBan Wayfarer, I believe everyone should still own a pair of Aviators. Whether you’re a male or female, young or old, a pair of Aviators is a classic fashion accessory that will never go out of style and needless to say, worth the investment. This time around, i decided to use the mCompass Deal Finder:


Deal Finder helps locate an item or promotion of your desire using the Google Maps technology. Log in, scan area for icons, click on the desired icon deal and head out! Flash Sale can provide some of the best surprises throughout the sale period, while Shopping Buddy creates a space on Facebook for family and friends to contribute towards your shopping experiences.



Thanks to MasterCard and its brilliant mCompass app, I now get to easily search, track and locate an amazing selection of privileges available from dining, shopping, entertainment to wellness, despite my busy schedule. (I actually bought my Aviators before my catwalk for Wrangler’s jeans!) 😛


You too, can make your shopaholic dream come true.
Click on www.mastercard.com.my/shopathon to get started.
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  1. off topic but i LOVE YOUR HAIR WEI!!!!

  2. YA WEI!!! the hairstylist did wan~ i just left your blog (without a piece of lemon cake) then u comment edi! when la, wanna do house party? cook for us lahhh

  3. out of topic, but I LOVE your make up, Cindy! 🙂
    May I ask what eyeliner did u use on your lower eyelid? pencil eyeliner? or u used eye shadow? And speaking of which, can eye shadow be applied as eyeliner? and how to do it?

    Thanks a bunch! 🙂 cheerios…

    1. thanks, Wan Hoong! the eyeliner the makeup artiste used was a liner in a form of lipstick which he bought from Dubai for only RM5. unfortunately, there is no way we can get ’em here. eye shadow can be applied as eyeliner, but depending on it’s texture. if it’s creamy, definitely a yes, but also remember to use the right brush! 😉

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