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This is my brother. I guess I never officially introduce him to you before. Hello everyone, this is Eugene Tey Chien Shin.


I call him Ah Eu, sometimes Gene. Eugene, whatever, is 5 years younger than me; which makes him 18 today.

However, he is already finishing his first year of studying medic @ (UPM) Serdang cuz he took PTS and skipped Standard 4. That’s why he only got his driving license recently when his mates have been driving for a couple of years.


Living at Serdang in the uni hostel is a bitch; especially when it comes to the canteen food. So if you don’t own either a license or a car there, you’re a living dead.

Eugene has got BOTH his license, and a car. But unfortunately for him, the car is PINK –


Candy is my old car I drove before I won the Malaysian Dreamgirl car. I was 18 (like Eu) when I got her and you know – GIRLS! So I persuaded daddy to spray her metallic pink in exchange of my promise to drive smartly and not scratch my car anymore.

The problem is, I kept my promise and the car is so perfect it seems a bit of a waste to spray it grey or black for my bro cuz then she won’t be Candy anymore!  )=

So daddy came up with an option for us.


Why not check out a new car? There’s nothin’ to lose! 8)

We heard news that the new Vios is out with a young and sporty positioning of the vehicle. With such looks that will lure you, this car is perfect for the energetic and sociable people like us! *batuk


To attract your attention, the VIOS exudes a stylishness that is apparent at a mere glance. And once you have set your eyes on it, there will be no breaking its spell.”

Now it is time to check out this sexC beauty –


Starting from the front – the bonnet.


The new Vios uses the VVT-i engine; which is Toyota’s trademark technology. It automatically adjusts the valve timing to generate powerful acceleration, better fuel efficiency, and cleaner emissions. Love the environment, people!

The back; the booth, looks like this –


My dad loves it! Check out the netting; it is daymn stylo milo~

Now my eager brother is gonna go into the Vios to tell us how he feels about it –


I forced him to pose for my camera…


… and to pose with me. That might explain the stoned look on his face. HA HA HA!  =p

What laaa. The new Vios now has a new face lift [ to all 5 existing variants: Vios TRD Sportivo, Vios G (A/T), Vios E (A/T), Vios J (A/T) and Vios J (M/T) ] to suit the young and trendy but Tey Eu’s facial expression is like that.


With some professional advice from a retired MDG (-_____-), I shall let him rock this post together with the new Vios for you!


Yes yes, where are your sunglasses. That’s the right shirt to wear. rofl!


The Vios seats are not only comfy but safe as well. It supports the head and neck and reduces the possibility of injuries to the neck in the event of a rear-end collision. Choy!


This is my macha’s manly hands on the Super ECT (Electonic Controlled Transmission) for all automatic Vios. *ewah ewaahhh~ It provides smooth gear shifts, linear acceleration, and selects the optimal gear position for easy driving uphill or downhill!


The finishing of this leather steering wheel creates the ultimate sporty feel for the interior of the car. Like a Vios expert would say, “Once you stepped into a Vios, there is no stepping out!


I personally like this part of any cars the most. AUDIO SYSTEM! hahaha… This one comes with steering audio switch. All at your finger tips via the switch control on the steering wheel. ^^


Both of us young and trendy people are smitten to this car. But does daddy feels the same way?


Now it’s my lao ba‘s turn to give his approval.


Talking about the chio audio system and SRS airbags.

Last but not least, it is my turn to feel this beauty –


Almost goin’ in…


baby one more time, anyone?  q;


I’m inside the new Vios! I love the smell of new cars. I can never understand why people put air refreshener in their new vehicles.


Having the time of our life.


If you are sporty and trendy like us ding dongs, you can follow the new Vios on :

  • Facebook – Join the ToyotaViosMy fan page
  • Twitter – Follow us on ToyotaMy
  • YouTube – ToyotaMy Channel

You can also visit the Toyota website for more product information as I might missed out some details cuz writing this post alone is such a thrilling ride itself!

Test drive units are available at selected Toyota showrooms nationwide. Book a test drive here today OR you can also visit any showroom convenient to you.

Remember to bring your sunnies along! 8)

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  1. Just put a TRD or MUGEN sticker on Candy problem solved 🙂

  2. If painted into black/grey Candy will no longer be Candy but will be transformed into Ken-D.
    so is this an advert or really buying vios jek? how much is this on the road?

    1. it’s an advert (: & Ken-D is a cool name too~ haha

  3. i don’t like the picture of this icon here —-> can change or not?

    1. huh? which icon? cannot see

      1. she meant the avatar i think.. it can be changed at gravatar.com.. =)

  4. first picture, got non edit version ah ?
    btw nice car + wonderful lady 😀

    1. eh y u want the 1st pic unedited? lol

  5. You are doing an advert on Vios, for a moment
    I thought you’ll going to match made your
    handsome bro to some beau lady bloggers.
    Well both also cun.Any takers?

    1. lol~ can also what; 2 in 1

  6. i have a black metallic vios now.. but yeah, old model lah =P

    1. it’s still a VIOS yay 8)

  7. huh advert ah? lolz…i reli tot ur dad gonna buy him one
    hahaha…if he does, i was going 2 ask u if he needs another
    “god-son” lolz…
    nice job tho…u revved up my interest in d car 🙂

    1. lol~ thanks blur kid XD

  8. Hello Cindy,

    Mind asking,are you selling your previous car-the pink one?

  9. wow…very nice new interior design of the vios … nice car review!

    let me share with u my new website http://www.vialentino.com … visit when u are free.

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