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Many asked me what Mek T™ is all about. Have you, ever wondered what TERENGGANU cuisine is? Here is my attempt to explain you, but PLEASE DON’T LICK THIS PAGE. Get the REAL DEAL at Mek T™.

1. Nasi Ulam Mek *NEW COMER*


{no time to exercise? go veg. our sambal will make you break a sweat!}

2. Nasi Sedap Sokmo


{you’ll need a BIGGER stomach. so good it ruins everything but your appetite! comes with special sambal nanas}

3. Nasi Dagang


{most POPULAR breakfast in Terengganu since… FOREVER}

4. Laksa Terengganu


{pasta? what pasta? we call it laksa!}


{our laksa noodles are handmade EVERYDAY, fresh from the kitchen. that’s our promise}

5. Laksam


{rub your eyes, you’re not dreaming! this is THE ultimate satisfying comfort meal}

6. Meehun Mee Goreng


{who says you can’t get the best of BOTH worlds?}

7. Keropok Lekor


{French Fish fries. Definition: -noun: A popular snack in Terengganu everyone knows as “Keropok Lekor”}

8. Ngonyok (Rojak Betik)


{HOT just gets HOTTER. can you handle me? :twisted:}

9. Pulut Lepa


{sounds like it’s time to whet your appetite :razz:}

10. Pulut Cawan


{your main reason NOT to diet}

There are many more delicacies @ Mek T™ but these are just the Top 10 favorite that i chose. Starting from today till 1st of September, we’ve created a *Friends Special* just for you – Check in with 3 friends and get a FREE kuih of the day!

p/s: DON’T check-in to duplicate listings of our restaurant; as only the REAL one offers you free AWESOME surprises.

Our address is:

127, Jalan Kenari 23A,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong.


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  1. arghhh still need to make my way there!

    1. ya lo~ so lambat!! hahaha XD Huai Bin comin next week!

  2. The food looks so GOOD~!

    1. THANKS! my promise the all tastes GOOD too!!

  3. So yumm.. I love Terengganu’s Nasi dagang.. will visit soon… 🙂

    1. YAY! please do!! 😀

  4. can I know what is on top of the keropok lekor.. cos i always eat without dipping anything..

    1. haha! it’s the original sauce for keropok lekor. u can only get it @ Mek T in KL, or else, north peninsula. haha!!

  5. I miss keropok lekor.all the foods made me drooling on my keypads dy

    1. ooo… bila nak datang? XD

  6. I am Anak Terengganu. I know your mom is from Terengganu. You guys opening this restaurant.

    I misses keropok lekor, nasi dagang a lot!!!!

    1. hey Joey, first of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding. i hope i’m not too late to wish u that. do drop by Mek T with your husband when u’re free! <3

  7. Not the best time to read your blog. But yeah, I did anyway >.<

    Gonna make a visit to Mek T someday!!

    1. please do!! let me know if u love it ^.^

  8. awwww look really good! i love curry!

  9. Just looking at the pictures makes me HUNGRYYY… When i go back to KL, ill go to have lunch there.. 🙂 and ill bring DAVID with me… 🙂

    1. YAY! looking forward for that day to come <3

  10. im coming!!!…but dunno when…eventho live in puchong..but i still dunno where is the jalan kenari

    1. u know where is IOI Boulevard? opposite highway IOI Mall tu.. Once u nampak Papa Rich kat IOI Boulevard on your left, u just go straight pass the cross junction till the end. On your right can easily see Mek T sign oredi. hehe!

    2. hi Sue! it’s very very near from IOI Boulevard!! 😀

  11. Hi Cindy, looks delicious . Is the laksa is assam type or lemak type? Is the stuff in pulut leba fish or what is that ? The kelepok lekor your homemade or supply ? Plan to visit in this few day

    1. hi there, the laksa is… a special type. SERIOUS. i can’t explain but you’ll LOVE it. well if u don’t, u know where to find me. haha! pulut lepa has fish stuffing in it, & it’s not the sardine type. the lekor are imported from the best suppliers in KT & definitely a MUST-try 😉

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