Peppered Florals

It is the Spring / Summer season again! 😀


I know in our country it is SUMMER 365, but that’s not a bad thing noh?

THIS is the season to shop Shop SHOP because apparel designs in stores now suit our climate and environment perfectly – which means you can wear these clothes all year long and never go wrong!


Think sorbet shades blouses, floral prints dresses, washed-out denim shorts – ♥

Here in this post, I’m gonna share with you some summer styling ideas so you can look pretty when you go out and play in the sun.


There are a few must-have items you will need to have in your closet this season. The good news is, the Curve Fashion Week is happening from 6-9 May ’10 at the Centre Court of the Curve.

model  chandeleir

It is themed The Green Party where everyone celebrates this fresh, soothing and chic colour which depicts a season of rebirth, renewal and new beginnings. A stylish white runway and seats surrounding the stage will be complemented too.

Let’s start with item :

#1 The Polka High-Waist Skirt / Shorts


Earthy tones like dried herbs, pink champagne & a mixed texture of chiffon and laces creates magic!

#2 The Wicker Hat


You MUST-HAVE this!!! It completes almost each and every outfit for this season. This hypothesis will definitely be proven below.


My item #1 with tomato puree hearts is very versatile. It can also be paired with a T like this to take away some sheer, replacing it with a more casual touch.


You can also toughen up the look with a denim or American heritage piece like this navy blue jacket. Add a delicate floral scarf for a punch of sophistication.

#3 The Denim / Navy Blue Shirt


As I said earlier, a shirt like this makes you feel like it has a life and history on it’s own. Timeless! Super loves~

#4 Pastel Ruffles High-Waist Skirt


Ya la, same with the previous picture but you can’t quite see the skirt because of the tiny baby blue pillow I was hugging =.= This is a better shot I got.

Or this :


is also another way you can wear it. Pair it with a baby pink T, very transparent and light scarf + the Wicker hat.


I actually wanted to sell this ruffled skirt cuz I lost too much weight and it became a low-waist skirt, but then I thought – No. It is so cute and useful I’m naming it my wardrobe staple!

#5 Washed / Torn Denim Shorts


God this is SO important you might as well be a nun if you don’t get one immediately.


I paired it with my GUESS top. Remember this one? Putting this on makes me wanna go tribal and travel to Africa lol~


Please don’t forget the accessories. Get gold, not silver. 😉

#6 The Yellow Dress!


Got a picnic coming up next weekend? No idea what to wear? A yellow dress like this is the way to go. It makes you shine in pictures when you’re outdoors; like a beautiful daisy in the meadows!

#7 Maxi Dress


Last but not least, doesn’t matter if you are tall, short, fat, or thin, a maxi dress with tribal motifs like this is a must to be ‘in’ this season.


Feminine, casual, chic, urban… I know. It seems like there are a lot of things to get. But there’s nothing to worry about because here is a whole LIST of participating brands who will take part in the Curve Fashion Week!

  1. August 8
  2. Binwani’s
  3. B-Ha Lingerie
  4. Debenhams
  5. Elements
  6. Focus Point
  7. Girls
  8. G2000
  9. Hair Kunst
  10. Habib
  11. Kitschen
  12. Le Ann Maxima
  13. Metrojaya (Somerset Bay and East India Company)
  14. Nichii
  15. PU3
  16. T-Joue
  17. The Wedding Boutique
  18. Uluwatu


I’m so excited I can’t wait for MAY to arrive!!!

There is also a Mother’s Day campaign themed ‘Mom, We Love You’ which will run from April 30 to May 9, and the Body Shop Charity Event on 7 May ’10, called the “Save Temengor” Campaign which is a joint collaboration with Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) to gazette Temengor as a forest reserve on 7 May ’10.


Shoppers who spend RM120 and above in a maximum of two receipts will be able to redeem a gift from Yours Truly. This will be limited to 20 shoppers on weekdays (Mon – Fri) and 50 shoppers on weekends (Sat – Sun), while shoppers who spend above RM250 in a maximum of two receipts will be able to redeem a cup and saucer set from IDEKO.


Have a happy spring / summer, dear readers! ♥

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