[AD] Beauty Horror Story!


Ever walked your celebrated self into a crowded space with utmost confidence, just to watch it all strip off right in front of your eyes in a matter of seconds? This is the kind of situation that i call “Beauty Horror Story”. Two weekends ago, a bunch of friends and i were talking about our most embarrassing moment in life, and this one i’m about to share with you definitely qualifies to be at top of our list!

BONUS: Fun aside, you’ll also learn how to use an epilator by watching this video. 😀

No time to shave but it’s time to go to work? This Panasonic Wet/Dry Epilator gives you fast, bright epilation in the bath or shower for beautiful silky smooth arms / armpits / legs for weeks! Unlike other epilators, this design has dual wide discs that capture both long and fine hairs precisely and quickly. For first timers, if you are wondering, it is totally painless.


What i find most creative about this epilator in particular is its LED light function. You know how being girls, we love romantic candlelight baths (sans florescent lights please) and it could be hard for us to see if there’re any parts we missed epilating? This LED function illuminates hairs for you to find unremoved hairs easily. How brilliant and thoughtful is that!

By using the gentle foam epilation, you also get moisture that protects and prevents your skin from turning dry. Put on the gentle epilator cap, squeeze in some L’Ocittane’s almond oil bath (or any of your favorite bath soap) for bright, smooth, and silky skin from top to toe. Time to say goodbye to shavers and tweezers, ladies! Once you try this incredible invention by Panasonic, there’s no turning back. No more hassles, no more blades. Trust me you’ll love this. 😉

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