The Romanticist


Flying has always been my #1 favorite past time. As i listen with envy to my foreign friends complaining about their countless never-ending flights, i on the other hand have always find something really fascinating about the blue sky that seems to be another peaceful unclaimed new found land all on it’s own; housing happy floating clouds which come in all shapes and sizes. No war, no birds, no nothing. How can anyone not notice such serene beauty right in front of their eyes. How?


Ever since i was a child, my imagination loves to run wild. i would recite endless episodes of stories about what i presumed is going on beyond the skies to my younger brother, probably turning the little Power Ranger half as delusional as myself. i sincerely believed that’s how heaven looks like (and that babies were sent from Care Bear land). As a teenager, i hardly missed a day just gazing at a piece of blue sky after school; wishing hard i could get away, run away, far far away from here. In 2007 i managed a sweet escape to study at a lovely university in a remote land, Tasmania. There i found myself reciting poetries on clouds and daisies during literature classes, or even obsessively painting clouds in class Painting 101. After a few talks with my art lecturers and some research into this curious subject, i found my answer to this beautiful ‘curse’…


i am a romanticist.
(who constantly fall in love with realists).
(which is probably why my heart gets broken so many times).
(i need a romanticist.)



My favorite view in the whole wide world – looking out the window on a flying plane.


You might find me crazy to dedicate a full-on post about skies, but i think it’s about time. About time i reveal this secret insanity about me or this big love would explode like a HUGE balloon of confetti and i wouldn’t know what to do with myself. i’m just kidding. But honestly, i think the main reasons are as such: Flying on a plane makes you feel vulnerable and defenseless, yet so stable and steadfast at the same time. Peeping through the window pane seeing that infinite emptiness promises you nothing, yet it gives you everything the universe can offer. While flying alone gives solitude a chance to swallow you as a whole, flying next to the person you love is such an inexplicably beautiful feeling i can’t even afford to describe.

If you can, the next time you fly together, take some quiet time to hold his hand, look outside, and feel all the answers being written across your heart…

i’ve yet to meet my lucky one but he will come by, right? Yeah, i believe so. 😉


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