5 Things

Here are 5 Things Special Gifts that made my week:

1. This Hellolulu DSLR camera bag from Oliver


{because the wild strawberry color is just exceptionally unique!}

2. This thumb drive + sticky note that came with it


{because it is loaded with Bob Marley’s The Very Best of Legend hits to accompany me during my 15 hours flight}

3. This special scarf mum got me from Thailand


{because not only is it extremely gentle to the skin being 100% cotton, it is hand woven as well}

4. This extension charger in hot pink! – another brilliant invention by Panasonic


{because it practically saves my (batteries’) life when traveling abroad, especially when carrying universal plugs in my bag is not a cool option}

5. This cute thong from Victoria’s Secret


{a X’mas gift for myself; a lil’ something to be worn underneath, just incase Santa thinks i’m naughty . . . 😛 }

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