Lucky Sweethearts

DPCS 0381

If something makes you happy, do more of it.

Personally, having the company of my best friends doing the things we love together is definitely at the top of my happy list. At first glance, this post might look like an ad but no, I’m not here to market anything. I’d like to share with you a slice of my sweet Sunday from last weekend when one of my favorite brands, Watsons, organized a generous shopping spree and high tea session for me and my BFFs ala SNTC.

Amani Spa 0067

 {It all started at the Say YES to Watsons Brand event a week before when I received the all-new Watsons VVIP Card amongst some very beautiful ladies, followed by a short and sweet pampering session}

DPCS 0029

{Ice breaking session at Coffee Bean, as there were two groups of us}

DPCS 0045

{5 lucky W sweethearts}

DPCS 0056

{Bombarding Ricky, our Watsons nutritionist for the day on questions about supplements}

DPCS 0086DPCS 0171

{Shopping spree begins!}

DPCS 0188

{Ruby and Eri, the two happy faces I heart so much}

DPCS 0305DPCS 0174

{Going through some serious eye liner dilemma}

DPCS 0312

{The angel and devil testing out Pure Beauty facial wipes}

DPCS 0344

{Got all my favorite beauty products in my shopping basket ready to be checked-out!}

DPCS 0365

{Flashing my new Watsons VVIP card with Touch ‘n Go feature to purchase ‘n go! How convenient is that? Just reload your card and there’s no need to carry cash around / wait for change / etc. At the same time, you can collect points 😀 }

DPCS 0442

 {High tea session at Cafe KOMUGI}

DPCS 0470

{Interview session with The Star re: my tips on beauty, health, and lifestyle; to be published in August}

Photos by the ever so kind and talented Choy


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