5 Cinspirations

Location: Bali

Pasta Ice Cream, Bali Swingin’ and Large Smiley Flowers.

Here are 5 cinspirations from around the world that remind me of how lucky I am:

1. Lunching away at the food market with É

Berlin Food Market

{because wine, preserves, lots of laughter and a jolly ride home}

2. Pasta ice cream

Pasta Ice Cream

{because I had never heard of such a thing! Have you?}

3. This random visit to URA Centre

URA Centre Singapore

{because there’s always something new to discover in small island Singapore}

4. A week in Bali

5 Cinspirations

{because who doesn’t want a break before starting a new job? 😉 }

5. This proud sunflower

Sintra flowers

{for smiling so brightly on an otherwise gloomy day}

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  1. I would so love to visit here one day. Looks beautiful x

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty 

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