if i could have a genie grant me a wish right now, it would be to fulfill my oldest dream to further my masters in performing arts @ New York city.

however, it seems obvious that a master in that field doesn’t make much a difference to one’s career compared to it’s degree. unlike law or some boring shit like that, they most likely promise you a higher pay than a bachelor holder here, anytime.

after balancing out the pros and cons (the cost VS income after grad), i’ve kinda decided to nourish my love for performing through acting courses here in Malaysia instead. at least for the time being.


dad was reading the mandarin papers one day (i’m a banana -_-) and saw this intensive acting course opened ONLY for people who has either a) won a title before, and/or b) has experience in acting.

that kinda suits my qualifications, cuz i have both! and so i joined immediately.


the classroom.


acting space.

the class is specially designed for a group of not more than 20. we had 12 in our batch and yeap, you bet~! i was in the same class with some of our all-time-favourite local ‘celebrities’ :


98.8 DJ, KK.


98.8 weekend DJ, Luke.


Henley – singer & actor / artiste. if you don’t know him, go Google. lol


8TV Quickie host, Belinda Chee. i still don’t know why people say we look alike!


Joey Leong, young actress from local horror film, Blood Ties.


Mei Fen.



after 10 days of crazy hectic schedule, i finally ‘graduated’.


with my teacher, Amelia, and Yang Yen Yen, actress.


with the super hilarious 98.8 deejays… rofl!


KK, graduated.


Luke, also graduated.


basically, everyone graduated! but look what KK did to my hair T__________T


so here is another picture 😀


final all-in group picture.


last but not least, i’m really thankful and lucky to join this awesome super fun and educating course conducted by Yen Yen.

i’ve learned a couple of pretty useful acting skills. no idea how to teach you here. gonna go to a casting now for an Astro ad. fingers crossed! 8)

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  1. all the best. 🙂

  2. Luke also do weekdays program one. From 1pm to 3pm.

  3. You really look like Belinda lor

    1. O_o which part? lol

      1. A mix between belinda chee, marion caunter and yourself. 😀

        I don’t know. If I were to catch a glimpse of you on the street, you might be mistaken for her!

  4. omg i’m so happy to see teacher Amelia here!
    I was her student too when i was in highskul.
    She taught us chinese dance for only 1 yr but I really like her

    1. really? ahmagad what a small world eh?

  5. Acting as an interest is alright, but as a
    profession, unless you are very good, it
    hardly bring in the dole for your needs.
    Marry a rich man than you can pander to
    your heart content.

  6. Congrats! w00t! I would love to pursue my dreams like you do, always admired you for that but haih I have to pay rent etc etc. 🙁

    1. maybe your will not seterong (strong) enough? lolololol

  7. where got. u n belinda, two diff look leh… 🙂

    muahs, all da best to u sweet~

    1. gambateh to the both of us !!

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