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Cin City and i are very honored to be featured in the 1ST issue of an all new magazine named GLOW, a quarterly health and beauty magazine by Watsons. Its content is full of useful information for readers of all ages, written in a uniquely informative yet enjoyable manner. While Fish Leong graces this issue as cover girl, i am featured under the fun Beauty Blogger section. 😳


Fresh from yesterday, here are some pictures taken at the launch of GLOW @ Bedroom, Pavilion. i was invited to be in the talk show “In Conversation” as their Celebrity Blogger, together with Ms. Jessica Ng, Marketing & Development Director of Watsons Malaysia (picture below), Ms Tara Barker, Editor In Chief of GLOW Magazine and Mr. Carven Ong, Fashion Couturier.




{special: red velvet magazine cake}




{cute door gifts}

Remember to grab a copy of GLOW when you visit Watsons. It is only selling at RM2 for card members!

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  1. the polaroid photo is so cute 😀


  2. congrats! fehmes maxxxx

  3. Congratz on being featured =)

    1. Thank you, Tian Chad! (=

  4. yey .. i got member card .. i’ll get one to see what is it about

    1. yay~ go check it out! 😀

  5. You certainly GLOWS in here gal! 😀 I am so honored to be your friend. Hehe!

    1. hey, thanks Jey. honored to know you too 😀

  6. dress suke suke! <3

    1. yea man, it’s the dress that once made everyone thought i was someone’s fiance! lol

  7. Congrates.
    Btw,Love your red dress.Where did you get that lovely piece,if you dont mind.
    From your online boutique?

    1. hi Christer, it is from Topshop. (=

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