Madam Lily Sin

Lunch time has never been this meaningful. 🙂


Exactly two days ago, i took Jackie out with me during lunch time to pay a visit to Madam Lily Sin @ Nasam PJ charity house.


Jackie’s status as my colleague expires today. From 6 P.M. onwards, she becomes a friend! lol

This girl has a heart as big (and wide) as her eyes. Without Jackie’s help, this mission wouldn’t have been accomplished cuz i’m superbad… at reading maps.

She was my ‘photographer’ too!


Feeding through the nose… i bet it hurts.. it sure does hurts. 🙁


Facilities in the house.


Assisting Lily.


Getting to know her better, updating her the progress of my pledge, and trying to make her happy / excited about the hair makeover; which i succeed! i think.


Saving her address and telephone number in case her husband / sons are too busy and i have to pick her up.


A second look at this picture makes me feel real sad. Her facial expression… is so powerful.


With Miss Nancy.


Time to go home back to the office.


So that was the meeting with my beneficiary. As for Madam Lily’s wishes, i’m trying to get ’em fulfilled by next weekend.

Love is in the air! Kissesssss~ x

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  1. she was wearing the shirt of university of south australia? :O how did she get that?

    1. i have no idea LOL

  2. What is the pledge ?

    1. u’ll have to keep coming back to follow us with the progress! haha

  3. Kai Han Pua on

    hi 😉

  4. Soon I’m going to kl hope to meet up wif u 🙂

  5. There are so many things in life we tend to take granted for.

  6. […] The pledge was to help Mdm Lily Sin get a new pair of multi-focal glasses, and again, it wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of the public. With the help of optical shop Optimal and hair salon Gracesalon, got Mdm Lily Sin a pretty new pair of multi-focal glasses AND a posh hair makeover to boot! Read about how meeting Mdm Lily Sin touched at her blog post here: […]

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