5 Cinspirations

Since my homecoming, É and I have been spending a lot of quality time together trying something new everyday in this old city we know so well. Recently, we talked about getting a kitten once we settle down in Singapore. Excited and starry-eyed, we lost ourselves in a day of cuteness overload involving anything furry friends. Therefore, my highlight of the week consists of our pet chat (laughing out loud with lots of cat videos in between), followed by a visit to a cat café, right after watching The Secret Life of Pets at the cinema. I hope you have a long, wonderful Malaysia Day break this weekend!

P.S. If you have any suggestions on where we can adopt / buy pet kittens in Singapore, do share with us. x

5 Cinspirations that made my week:

1. This second visit to Purradise


{because this time I get to know the kitties’ personalities better}

2. Almost-sunset at Langkawi


{because I am a dreamer and wherever the sea and sky blends I am in heaven}

3. These orchids

fresh orchids

{for staying fresh up to 2 weeks, waiting gracefully to greet us upon our return}

4. These chocolate morsels


{because like the orchids, they are part of a surprise sequel É had planned upon picking me up from the airport}

5. These traditional salted chickens

traditional salted chicken

{because anything wrapped in paper, stuffed with marinade, rolled around with sweet potatoes sounds like a hearty rustic meal simply anyone would love}


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  1. Hi Cindy, a great place to adopt a kitten in Singapore is the Cat Museum. For more info, do check them out here: http://thecatmuseum.com.sg/i-want-to-adopt-a-cat/

  2. Hi Cindy, a good place would be Cat Welfare Society which puts up quite frequent cat adoption notices.

    1. You’re the 1st to know – We got a pet kitten!!! <3

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