[AD] Pad Fight!

Allow me to introduce a pretty girl to you! 😀


Her name is Olivia. Oli is my junior in college, just like Eri and Ruby.

One fine day, we all decided to film a scene about two best friends sabotaging each other in funny ways to fight over a prize / highly sought for item.

Mum was so being so kind she cooked us dinner ^^


Rainbow Rice


Tasty meat balls, crab balls, seaweed rolls, ku ro yok~ YUMMSSS!!!


Cucumber Acar


Getting ready for the shoot!


Actors’ warm up lol




And welcome to my room a.k.a ‘Bali hotel‘ in the video below…

It is about 3 girls, 2 periods, and 1 pad (sought for item). Will they sabotage each other to survive?


We think it is a fun & funny video to share, and we really hope you liked it. God bless Aunty Rose! ahahahahahah

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  1. Damn funny ,:)

  2. My YT is failing me atm, so I can’t watch. 🙁 BUT THOSE FOOD LOOKS SO DAMN GOOD!!! courier some over to Sydney,pretty please 😀

  3. haha Cindy~.. it was a bad day for me until now.. thanks for making my day…

    1. aawww really?! what happened?

  4. funny is right xD

    1. glad u like it! 😀

  5. I’m speechless 0.0

    Cindy, I like when you cry at the door…darn cute! >D

  6. nice one! i laughed non stop at the ending!!

    1. ahahahahaha! i like it too xD

  7. OMG who is that FAT girl!! O_____O!

      1. extreme -______-”

  8. Happened u drop by singapore ,tell me i gladly to be ur host n bring
    u to all clubbing places。more fun den kl 。

    1. more fun? how?? 😀

  9. Your friend Olivia is really sweet and pretty, she really stands out in most of the pictures! 😉

  10. More spacious and the crowd here r crazier den ur one Malaysia.come around sept cause my company having parties at st James power stn .it is a building have 9 club in it

  11. hey the ending is nice but then jus a bit too kwa-jounnn in the beginning la….. can do muc much betta gal…..

    1. ok mar, DRAMA! lol

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