Five Cinspirations

As life happens, I wonder what it is all about until I chance upon this article which reveals the answer I’ve been searching since forever. The answer is so simple, that I hate myself for not figuring it out soon enough – even when I am already practicing it all along. Here are 5 Cinpirations that make life the past week a tad more meaningful to me.

1. Eri’s baby shower


{because throwing my best friend an intimate event like this weaves in memories made with other people I love}

2. Ruby’s birthday surprise


{organized by Kin Wai (far right), this small but wholesome party has brought together friends and priceless memories since 2007; when we were still young, wild and free souls while studying at Tasmania}

3. This pedi + manicure pampering session


{because orange + deep red combo makes for a perfect match for ‘fall’}

4. My new closet


{because moving out to stay with my boyfriend for the first time comes close to a personal achievement in my series of life events}

5. This bowl of comfort food for the soul


{because hot sakae + green tea soup with pieces of salmon on rainy evenings is how life should be celebrated even on the gloomiest of days}


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