What’s In My Hands?


{Can you make a wild guess of what’s in my hands?}

One of the ‘first world pains’ of being a woman is when the time arrives to change sanitary pads – at work. It is an awkward situation regardless; whether I am seen by my male colleagues bringing a pad out, or even weirder, carrying my handbag to the washroom at 4 p.m. “Where are you going?”, is what I got a lot.

To avoid these situations for office women, Sofy came up with a magic solution we’ll all adore:


Sofy Compact is the FIRST compact napkin in Malaysia that is ½ size of a palm! This new napkin design is handy, convenient, and also pretty stylish too (people might think you’re carrying premium tissue papers instead).

Say hi to this new little family of great innovation!


{Sofy Compact series come in 3 sizes}


{½ size of a palm when folded, full sized napkin when unfolded – no more embarrassing feeling when holding it around during time for a napkin change!}


{All Sofy Compact products come with a center absorption core that absorbs liquid to the bottom during regular/light flow days}


Sofy is a sanitary napkin product brand that branch under Unicharm, from Japan. It has always place importance on product quality and innovation, providing comfort and ease for females during menstruation.


{Go handy, anytime, anywhere}


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